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Save Big with MyUS Repacking for International Shipping

Have you ever ordered cosmetics, a video game, even a watch from an online retailer, and the product arrives in a box many times its size, filled with packing material? 

Most US merchants package your orders the same for domestic delivery as for international shipping.

When it comes to delivery within the United States, it’s not be a big deal because those orders generally move by truck.  BUT, when you send all that wasteful packaging overseas, you end up paying WAY more than you should.

Airplanes only have so much space (baggage fees, anyone?), so the heavier OR larger the package is, the more you pay.

With MyUS, you can save big with our discounted rates, by consolidating multiple packages, AND because we package your products without wasted space.

Say “goodbye” to outrageous international delivery fees and single shipments and “hello” to savings and efficiency thanks to the MyUS expert packing team!

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