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How to Brew the Best Cuppa

Looking for that perfect at-home cuppa? 

Whether your favorite tea is green, black, Oolong, white, or a yummy blend, you can upgrade your brew with the right accessories. Below, we’ve rounded up the tea accessories we just can’t live without, and they can all be shipped internationally from US websites with MyUS!

OXO Twisting Tea Ball $9.95

OXO's Twisting Tea Ball tea steeper shown next to a tall glass mug of tea

Enjoy loose-leaf tea without the mess with OXO's Twisting Tea Ball. Just scoop your tea into one side of this ball and give the handle a twist to securely close the ball with a snap, and put it in your cup or teapot to start steeping without spilling tea leaves everywhere. The long stainless-steel neck is an added bonus, making it easy to steep in any size mug or pot. 

"This is easy to use. The perfect amount goes in, straining is simple and clean-up is a breeze! I will definitely buy more!" says SandieBee in her online product review. 

Elephant Tea Mug $11

Green elephant tea mug shown filled with tea and tea bag

This ceramic Elephant Tea Mug holds a full 15 ounces of tea, has an integrated tea bag holder, and will warm both your hands and your heart with every use. Makes a great gift for tea—or elephant—lovers.  

"Must buy! The ceramic is beautiful. The pocket for the tea bag is ingenious, and so useful." says Katherine T in her Amazon product review. 

Uni Mug $22.53

Uni all-in-one tea brewing mugs in wine and grey colors

Want to enjoy your favorite loose-leaf tea but don't feel like brewing a full cup? The Uni Mug features an all-in-one design that nests a loose-leaf tea infuser neatly inside a glass mug, perfect for savoring your favorite tea one cup at a time. Available in wine, black, navy, and yellow. 

"This is just the right size for my morning tea. I love that I can take out the strainer & rest it on the top. Not that I'm too lazy to run it back to the kitchen right away. :) just purchased it in navy for my boyfriend because he's jealous of mine." says XODana in her five-star review.

Matcha Tea Set $12.99

Japanese Tea whisk, scoop, and spoon set made of bamboo next to product packaging

Make the perfect cup of traditional Match at home with this 3 piece bamboo Matcha Tea Set. It includes a scoop to measure out your powder, a whisk for perfect, lump-free froth, and a spoon for stirring when your tea settles.

"At First I didn’t think I need these tools but they do make it so much easier. It’s very easy to blend matcha powder using the whisk and super easy to clean! Light weight!" says Eclavijo in their five-star review. 

Norpro Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer $5.20

Norpro's Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer squeezing a tea bag over a full cup of tea

Squeeze every last drop out of your tea bag (and save yourself from messy tea stains) with Norpro's Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer. Beautifully designed, these tongs are sized for easy use at the table and make a great gift!

"The circular part is the perfect size for tea bags covering all of the bag in order to squeeze out every last drop! Having fibromyalgia I was a bit concerned it may be too stiff for me to use...not the case! Very easy to use! No more burned fingers or messes from using spoons!" says C. Bernard in their five-star Amazon product review. 

Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker (& Iced Tea Maker) with Spout $35.99

Ovalware Airtight iced tea maker filled with iced tea and surrounded by tea leaves

Prefer your tea iced? While it might look like something out of a high-school chemistry class, this beaker-like Airtight iced tea glass carafe from Ovalware brews delicious iced tea from bags or loose leaf, and locks in flavor for up to two weeks with an airtight seal. Oh, and it can also brew hot for those times you need a traditional cuppa. 

"I use mine for tea and love it. So glad I purchased" says Bonnie L in her online review.

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker $279.95

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker in silver with glass kettle equipped with a removable tea basket

Snag Breville's One-Touch Tea Maker for the perfect brew every time. Not only does it automatically brew at five different temperature settings, but the brew strength can be adjusted between mild, medium, and strong with each pot. Additional features include a backlit LCD that shows the actual temperature and “time since brew,” a delay start, and "agitate" for loosening tea leaves and improving infusion. 

"I’ve had my tea maker for at least 5 years and never have I had a problem. When you spend a lot of money on loose tea you want it to seep for the right length of time. My tea always tastes perfect! If you drink tea on a regular basis you need to spend the money on this tea maker!" says tblonde in their five-star review. 

Simplex Kensington No 3 Tea Kettle $349.95

Traditional handcrafted tea kettle with chrome finish and black wooden handle

Looking for a traditional tea kettle that will stand the test of time? Simplex's Kensington No 3 Tea Kettle is handcrafted of copper, with a gleaming chrome finish, has a nickel-lined interior, wide mouth for easy filling and pouring, and a turned wood handle that stays cool even when the kettle is hot. This is heirloom quality that you'll enjoy displaying on your stove as much as you enjoy using it. 

"This shiny tea kettle looks charming sitting on the stove top in my country cottage kitchen, and I love the sound of the cheery whistle when the water starts boiling." says Auntie M in her online review. 

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