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How to Get the Best Prices in the USA By Shopping Online

American retailers offer great prices and deals every day, and you can use a number of tools to make sure you don’t miss their offers. With just a few simple steps, you can make sure you save the most when shopping online.

Look for Coupons
Many retailers offer coupons that can give you a discount or free shipping when shopping online. Some U.S. retailers post these coupons directly on their website, but you can often find use search engines to find even more discounts. When you search from outside the U.S., search engines like Google use filters to show only results from your country.

You can also find coupons by searching popular coupon sites. Coupon websites like Slick Deals and Retail-Me-Not can help you find coupons, deals and special offers all from a single resource. The offers on these sites change frequently, so be sure to visit the sites often to get the best deals.

Compare Prices
Many retailers often sell the same products, and items can be much cheaper at one store than at another. You can use commercial price comparison resources like Price Grabber to make sure you always get the lowest price.

Sign Up for Offers
Some retailers offer coupons and discounts just for signing up for their newsletters. When you subscribe to the H&M newsletter, for example, you instantly get 20% off any single item from the H & M website. Even better, retailers typically use their newsletters to advertise promotional pricing, special offers and discounts available only to newsletter subscribers, so you may get exclusive deals just for receiving the company’s free newsletter.

We recommend setting up a separate email account for retailer newsletters, as some retailers send newsletters and special offers very frequently. Be sure to check this email account often, though, because some special offers are only good for a limited time.

Save on Shipping
As an international shopper buying from U.S. retailers, you’ll want to be sure you get the best possible rates on shipping. Many retailers offer low-cost or free shipping within the U.S., but charge high rates for shipping to international customers. Always use your address when shopping with American merchants, as having items shipped to your MyUS suite will give you more control over your international shipment and lower international shipping rates.

As an added benefit, members with a Premium Membership can consolidate purchases into a single shipment. By only paying international shipping rates on one single, consolidated package, you can save more money than by having individual purchases shipped separately.


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