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Holiday Sales: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!

Want to get the hottest designer fashion but don't want to get ripped off? Be careful, counterfeiting is a huge business. Here's some tips to ensure you get the real designer products you want at great prices:

Infographic showing how to tell if a designer product is fake

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With MyUS, you can now shop border-free and get the real designer fashions you want for a lot less.

Don't Be Fooled by Fashion Fakes: How to Spot Knockoffs & Where to Get Legit Designer Goods Online for Less 

Transcript of above graphic: Global eCommerce shipper MyUS offers tips on spotting fakes, and where to find the best buys in real designer goods.

Top Counterfeited Products

  1. Leather Goods, Wallets, Handbags
  2. Watches & Jewelry 
  3. Clothing & Accessories (like sunglasses and belts)
  4. iPhones & Electronics 
  5. Designer & Athletic Footwear

Fact: 5-7% of the World Trade is in Counterfeit Products!


Where to Get Real Designer Products on Sale from the United States

These trusted US websites sell real designer goods at low prices:

  1. Michael Kors Blair Rose Goldtone Ladies Watch
    • Retail Price: US$275
    • On Sale in the United States of America: US$148
  2. Nada Sawaya Eres Leather Clutch
    • Designer Price: US$920
    • US Sale Price: US$390
  3. Gucci Oversized Acetate Aviator Frame
    • Designer Retail: US$310
    • Sale: US$189
  4. Givenchy Black Floral-Print Pumps
    • Designer: US$820
    • On Sale in the USA: US$459

More American stores to shop online for great deals on designer fashions:

Buying designer goods from eBay or Amazon Marketplace? Always research the seller's reputation and origin of the goods. 

How to Spot Fake Fashion

  1. Super-Low Price? If it's a too-good-to-be-true deal, it's probably not real.
  2. Poor Workmanship? Loose threads? Broken zippers? It's likely a fake.
  3. Stamped Logo? Is the logo authentic and engraved (not stamped) on zipper pulls, nameplates and shoe soles?
  4. Where Was it Made? Most counterfeits are made in Asia, so a "Made in China" label is highly suspect.
  5. How Does it Arrive? If your designer item arrives in a plastic bag with price tags affixed, it's likely a fake.



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