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Keep Your Plants Flourishing With These Grow Lights

Do you have a green thumb for indoor plants? Undoubtedly, indoor plants, big or small, add incredible coziness to your home. Besides the decoration quality, you don’t have to be living on a farm far away from the city to grow edible greens. Well, even though it sounds like a great idea, you need to consider the seasonal changes, the lack of sunlight, and the required amount of warmth. Investing in a good grow light for plants means you'll never have to compromise momentum or miss great harvests because you're experiencing a storm, anticipating a harsh winter, or lack outside space.

We’ve selected some great Grow Lights specifically designed for indoor lights that we believe will suit your needs. Pick the most suitable light for you and let your plants thrive even on the coldest and gloomiest winter days. Shop today and deliver your grow light internationally by becoming a MyUS member.

Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light for Small and Medium Sized Plants $149.99

Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light shown in an elegantly decorated room lighting various cactus plants

The Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light is our first choice as it is designed to highlight plants while also boosting their development and flowering. You can grow thousands of plant species are such as Saffron or white birch. It is a pendant lamp with a vintage-style cloth chord that is 15 feet long. In your package, you will receive an instructional booklet, a simple outlet timer, wall fairleads, and a swag hook for easier cable management. 

“My lime tree was not wintering well in my northern climate. Over 15 years ago I purchased a fluorescent grow light that was just so so. I decided to see if technology had advanced to LED grow lights for citrus trees. After researching various options I decided to try the Aspect 40W Luxury LED Grow Light. After only 72 hours I am already seeing incredible results. My lime tree is bursting with new growth...simply AMAZING!!! As a bonus, our chocolate lab has a new favorite place to rest. This product is well worth the cost,” comments Teddy Ballgame, in their five-star review on Amazon.

Roleadro 75W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants $32.99

Roleadro 75W LED red and blue grow light shown in four different pictures lighting different plants

The distinctive light spectrum of Roleadro Grow Lights gives a varied range of light to plants, promoting their growth. It allows you to cultivate delicate tropicals that bloom all year and harvest easy-to-grow veggies and herbs even on the harshest winter days. This led grow light system is lightweight and simple to use, and with the updated hanging brackets, the system can be set up in perfect working order in under a minute. This Seedling Light may be used for hydroponics and indoor soil plants, aquariums, grow tents, and grow rooms.

Dominick is a satisfied customer who states: “First time investing in an LED grow light and I'm happy I've made the purchase, within two days I could see that my plants were much more vibrant and healthy-looking, while the product is small it's bright and works well for its size, I'm using it to start seedlings and already grown herbs so it’s good for a variety of things, it is a little small so if you want to cover a large area you might want to get multiple or a larger model but overall I'm pleased for what I paid. I've seen other people complain about the sides being plastic but even after running it 18 hours in a day only the aluminum panel on top seems to get hot. It came with a hanging set as well which was nice.”

VIVOSUN T5 Grow Lights 2 ft $75.95

Vivosun T5 grow light with two 2ft Fluorescent tubes grow light, two hanging cables, and a grounded power cord

T5 fluorescent bulbs of VIVOSUN will project 2000 lumens onto your plants. The high-quality light is great for your thriving plants. With two on/off switches, you can control your system without having to pull off the power cord. As a big plus, under optimum conditions, the bulbs are rated for 20,000 hours of operation. 

“This light runs 24H for months on end without any problems. having a power switch on it is great to be able to turn it off without unplugging it, and having an outlet on the end of it is great as well to daisy more lights together or plugging in heating pads. fantastic light!” exclaims Patrick.

GooingTop 6000K Clip Plant Growing Lamp $36.95

Two GooingTop 6000K Clip Plant Growing lamps attached to a shelf shown as lighting various small indoor plants

This small growth light, which is equipped with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs, is equivalent to full-spectrum sunshine at midday and is properly created for indoor garden plants. It may also be used as a reading light. GooingTop artificial light is ideal for seedlings, houseplants, potted plants, succulents, and other plants that require extra light when it is pouring, snowing, or gloomy inside.

Lisa, in her review, comments: “They are easy to mount, and they give a good amount of bright light. They are adjustable for brightness and can be used one light at a time instead of using both. They are easy to bend and place in different positions. The whole light system is sturdy and well made. My plants are happy and growing under the grow lights. It gives me more options of where to place my plants; I can make good use of my shelves.”

LED Plant Grow Light Strips Full Spectrum $24.99

Mosthink full spectrum grow light lighting various indoor plants

This full spectrum Grow Light by Mosthink is similar to natural sunshine in terms of spectrum and has been shown to help promote indoor growth by speeding up photosynthesis. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, these led grow light strips may be programmed to turn off after 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours, and to turn on at the same time the next day. Bright Grow Light with 4 Adjustable Brightness Levels to satisfy the lighting needs of each plant at various stages.

“After reading mostly positive reviews except one about low light output, I bought a set because the price is impossible to beat. It arrived quickly, with easy mounting materials, and a wonderful timer. After setting it up and trying the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% light settings I was thrilled. Between the lighting and timer, I will keep some very high maintenance plants happy. I attached it with the sticker adhesives above some Raven, Variegated, and Zenzi ZZ plants. If the seller maintains this reasonable price point I will be back for more!” comments an impressed Amazon Customer.

Good Earth Grow Light 24-in Plug-in Under Cabinet Lights $44.98

Good Earth grow light attached under a metal shelf lighting various medium and large indoor plants

With a warm white 3000K, the Good Earth Undercabinet Grow Light is visually appealing to the eye and increases stem, flower, and fruit production in plants and vegetables. You can easily attach it under any shelf and change the ambiance in your room immediately. 

“I installed this growing light under a bookcase shelf in my family room. The light keeps me from having to open and close the blinds to give my plants light. Can't wait to see the results,” states the impatient, PMGadget.

Glow Rings™ LED Indoor Grow Light $200

Three Glow Rings LED lights facilitating seedling growth

Glow Rings™ LED indoor grow lamps are meticulously created to easily connect with your Farmstand, allowing you to keep plants growing. These 96W high-efficiency LED lights have been fine-tuned to aid seedling growth and emit a brilliant luminosity that is pleasing to both plants and people.

Mary S. is an experienced gardener who comments, “Healthy plants, yummy abundant produce from a minimum of effort. With 50 plus years of gardening experience, I am still awed by the difference glow rings have made in the quality of my harvest. The manufacturer has obviously spent a lot of effort into developing the absolutely perfect spectrum of light for optimum plant growth. The foliage of the plants is so very healthy and the flavor of everything is so deeply good. Results like that do not occur accidentally. I have tried many many different indoor set-ups and the Farmstand with the Glow Rings is absolutely wonderful and well worth the investment.”

We hope we lighted the way toward your next grow light choice. Shop your favorite and have it delivered to you wherever you are with MyUS.

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