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Meet Your Savvy Shippers

Not just anyone can be promoted to the “Savvy Shipper” title. It takes years of hard work, dedication and an encyclopedia full of knowledge on all things on international shipping. These are the folks you turn to when you need to know all the ins and outs of shipping regulations to your country or which items are prohibited to be shipped. They’re master packers that can magically turn 4-5 packages into one compact, safely packaged box to make sure you’re saving the most on shipping from the US.

Life in the warehouse is an exciting place with over 2,000 packages arriving every day for our 350,000+ customers. We have over 70 team members working in our warehouse making sure your shipments are logged in correctly, packaged safely and shipped efficiently.

Each package has to be carefully inspected, logged into their respective suite, given a harmonization code and estimated value upon arrival. A harmonization code is essentially the foreign trade code that customs uses to properly tax your items.

Our Savvy Shipper team is trained to make sure your international shipping experience is always a positive one. We’ll be consulting them for this series of blog stories to bring you the most relevant information and helpful tips so you can ship from the USA safely and cost-effectively.


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