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MyUS Community Scholarship Recipient 2022

As a global business, MyUS understands the importance of educating future generations of our international community. To support this cause, we created a scholarship program to help students use cross-cultural experiences to inspire positive community changes. 

MyUS is proud to announce the inaugural recipient of our Community Scholarship for the 2023 academic year to a student who has realized the power of using their education to connect with the community. 

MyUS 2022 Community Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations, Saron Mengistu of Ethiopia

In Saron’s application, she shared her eye-opening story of her grandmother’s passing and the suffering healthcare system of her community. Throughout her life, she witnessed many in her community suffer from sickness and disabilities due to a lack of accessibility to treatments like significant surgery and pharmaceutical products. The experience of losing a loved one to a cardiovascular disease that required out-of-country travel for surgery due to a lack of resources became her drive to become a physician, hoping to open the first non-profit hospital in Ethiopia. 

Her dream of becoming a doctor and her experience as a teacher and volunteer with two non-governmental organizations led her to pursue a degree at Minnesota State University’s Mankato’s Pre-Medicine program. As Saron wrote in her application, ”With time and in my grandma’s memory, I hope that I can help as many people as I can and inspire the next generation of Ethiopians to see that when you work for something you believe in, you not only  help yourself but countless others around you.”  

Please join us in congratulating Saron and wishing her the best in her studies. We hope her story inspires others to reflect on how they can use their education and experience to add value to the global community. 


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