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Parrot Zik: The Best Bluetooth Headphones Ever?

Whether you’re a dedicated audiophile who appreciates every element of music or just looking for a great set of wireless headphones, the Parrot Zik touch-activated Bluetooth headphones offer superior sound quality, exceptional comfort and a showcase of advanced technology.

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Review of the Parrot Zik Bluetooth HeadPhones

The most striking feature of the Parrot Zik headphones is their sleek, modern design. Created in collaboration with world-renowned French designer Phillipe Starck, the Parrot Zik feature upscale, sophisticated design that instantly identify Parrot Zik as high-end, premium audio equipment.

In addition to elegant design, the Parrot Zik headphones also boast world-class technology. Active noise cancellation (ANC) technology blocks outside noise to make music more enjoyable. Four microphones—two internal and two external—allow the headphones to reduce outside noise by as much as 98 percent.

Even better, these same microphones allow you to take calls on your Bluetooth phone without having to remove the headphones. When you make or take a call, the Parrot Zik automatically pauses your music, connects the call and allows you to speak without interruption. The Zik even features Jawbone technology to make calls crystal clear.

Bluetooth connectivity is just the start of the technology that Parrot packed into the Zik. A head detection sensor allows the headphones to know when you’re wearing them, and they can automatically pause music when you take them off. They can even restart music or take over a call when you put them back on your ears.
Controlling your music and calls with the Parrot Zik is also both easy and fun. The intuitive touch-sensitive panel on the outside of the right ear cup lets you swipe up to make the music louder, swipe down to decrease the volume, and swipe left or right to skip tracks. You can also control your music and calls with built-in voice recognition, or from a free app available for your Android or iOS device.

Pairing the Zik with your Android or iOS device has never been easier. With Near Field Communication, you can simply tap your smartphone, tablet or other device to the Zik for instant pairing.

Of course, all the technology and style is meaningless without high quality sounds; that’s why Parrot asked some of the most respected names in the industry to review the Zik.

Engadget raved about the Zik’s “goodies,” Phone Arena described the Zik as ideal for “hardcore audio buffs,” and Mashable pondered whether the Zik was the best Bluetooth headphones ever created.

Singer-songwriter Beth Ditto will only use Parrot Zik headphones, and Italian-French singer, songwriter and model Carla Bruni raves about their sound quality.

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