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Save on Shipping From the U.S. to Spain with MyUS

Do you live in Spain and want to shop U.S. stores? Get all of the facts on how to get more and pay less with these easy fixes!

Fact: US stores don't usually offer the cheapest or fastest international shipping

A package from Amazon

Amazon shipping rate: $64.98

Fastest delivery time to ESP: 10-23 days

Fix: MyUS offers the lowest rates in the industry, with fast shipping options!

A package from Amazon shipped with MyUS - 

MyUS shipping rates: $44.97

Fastest delivery time to ESP: 5-10 days

Fact: Shipping directly from more than one store is expensive

Fix: MyUS will bundle multiple packages into one and save you big on shipping 

Save up to 80% when MyUS bundles your package for free!

Fact: Just because you can buy it, does not mean they can deliver it

"Dangerous goods" like these can get hung up in customs, and may never make it to you:

Stain remover, CO2 cylinders, paint & paint pens, makeup setting spray, lithium ion batteries.

Fix: MyUS compliance experts make sure your goods are delivered 

Fact: Many U.S. stores don't even deliver to Spain

Stores that won't deliver to ESP: GNC, Kohl's, Guess, Gap, Backcountry, Bath & Body Works.

Fix: MyUS lets you access these stores, plus thousands more and delivers to ESP

There is a way to get everything you love from the USA!

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