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Celebrate American Football with MyUS!

On Sunday, 2 February, Americans will gather around their televisions to watch the biggest sporting event in the country. The National Football League championship game, known around the world as the Super Bowl, pits the two greatest teams of the American football season in one final, epic match. If you love American football, MyUS can help you get all of the equipment and accessories you need for the sport, and we can even help you get some mementos from the big game.

Footballs, Equipment and Accessories
Rawlings is one of the biggest retailers of sporting products, including American football gear, balls and accessories. You can find more than 20 different footballs on their website, and they range in price from just $15 to more than $80. You can also find everything you need to play the game: gloves, shoulder pads, helmets, bags and even apparel. If you’re a fan of American Football, you should visit the Rawlings Gear website to stock up on everything you need to play the game.

Seattle Seahawks Gear
The Seattle Seahawks is one of the teams participating in this year’s Super Bowl. If you have ever been to Seattle, or if you just love the Seahawks, you can pick up your memorabilia from Kohl’s, an authorized outlet for Seahawks gear.

Denver Broncos Gear
The Denver Broncos is the team battling the Seahawks for the American football championship. Denver fans and anyone who likes the Broncos can purchase Broncos shirts, hats, watches, glass sets and even jewelry from Kohl’s. Because Kohl’s is an authorized outlet for Broncos gear, you can rest assured you are buying authentic merchandise.

How to Get American Football Gear Delivered Internationally

Even though the Super Bowl is broadcast around the world, many football retailers only deliver in the USA. As a MyUS member, you can have American football gear shipped to your MyUS address.

We will carefully inspect it for you, handle any returns you may need after you inspect the photos of your package, repack it to minimize dimensional weight, and then ship it to your door for international delivery within just two to four days.  


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