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Hats Make a Huge Comeback

Hats once graced the heads of almost every person walking down the street, and often served as an important cue to the wearer’s social standing. Throughout the United States, hats began to fade from popularity in the 1970s. They have recently made a huge comeback, though, and both men and women can now choose from a wide selection of headwear. You can shop any store online for the perfect hat and we can help ship it to you in your country

Men can choose from an array of hats designed for varied purposes. Some, like the classic Fedora, are generally decorative and allow the wearer to quickly declare his sense of style. Fedora wearers show that they mean business, and often wear their hats with a suit, overcoat or business attire. Decades ago, fedoras were a fashion staple; today, they adorn the heads of trendsetters and men with a decidedly classic sense of style.  

Other hats, like the Panama Hat, help keep out the sun and keep the head cool while also serving as a stylish fashion accessory. Common in warmer environments, Panama Hats shield the face from the sun and allow heat to escape through tightly woven material. These hats are quite stylish during an evening out, in tropical or beach communities and aboard boats of all kinds.

Men, of course, have many choices in hats. The flat cap, also known as a driver’s cap, has risen in popularity, and the distinctive cap is appropriate on the golf course, in a bar, at the club, and, of course, behind the wheel of a car.

Men who live in cooler environments can keep their heads warm and show off their sense of style with a beanie; these knit or wool caps convey a carefree, fun-loving attitude and keep the head cozy.

While gentlemen can select from an array of distinguished and stylish hats, ladies face a selection that can change an entire wardrobe. Each hat carries its own personal message, and can portray the wearer as whimsical, youthful girl, a powerful and prestigious lady, or almost anything in between.

Young ladies with a flair for style and a strong sense of individuality can compliment almost any outfit with a newsboy cap. These caps, similar to a man’s flat cap, help accentuate the face and top off both casual and business ensembles.

Stylish ladies of all ages can wear the classic beret, a feminine hat that is appropriate in venues that range from the class room to the art gallery and even the bar.

Ladies’ hats can vary by season, too. In warm weather, a straw hat or visor can serve as a cute accessory while protecting eyes from the sun’s rays.

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