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Shop US brands and Save hundreds on Shipping with MyUS!

Are you tired of seeing your favorite American brands just out of reach because of exorbitant international shipping costs? Fret not, as comes to the rescue, offering an incredibly easy, reliable, and budget-friendly way to indulge in your desired US products. Say goodbye to the frustration of missing out on quality American brands and welcome a new era of global shopping convenience.

Discover MyUS: Your Gateway to US Brands & Affordable Shipping

Imagine having the power to shop from renowned US brands like Disney, DSW, Kohl's, and many more, all from the comfort of your home, and without worrying about sky-high shipping expenses. brings this fantasy to life by providing you with your very own US shipping address. The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Sign Up: Register on to acquire your personalize4d shipping address. 

2. Shop US Stores: Browse through your favorite US stores online and utilize your new MyUS shipping address during checkout. 

3. Consolidate & Ship: Combine all your purchases into a single shipment, optimizing space and drastically reducing shipping costs. 

But how does achieve these astounding savings? The answer lies in their special US-tax-free status, discounted shipping rates, and a state-of-the-art package consolidation service. This trifecta ensures that MyUS members gain access to some of the most economical shipping rates available.

A Proven Track Record of Savings & Trustworthiness isn't just another player in the field; it's a seasoned leader with a legacy that stretches back to 1997. The company's commitment to excellence has earned it multiple awards and the loyalty of over 400,000 satisfied members. In 2016 alone, managed to save its customers more than $30 million in shipping expenses. With a reach spanning over 220 countries and territories, is a beacon of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The MyUS Advantage: Unveiling the Savings

Optimized Shipping: leverages its extensive shipping volume to secure volume discounts of up to 80% on shipping. This means more savings for you, without compromising on service quality.

Comprehensive Services: With, you benefit from free re-packing, upfront pricing, and an adept customer service team. This ensures your shopping experience remains hassle-free from start to finish.

Package Consolidation: Gone are the days of shipping each item individually. allows you to receive items from various stores in a single, consolidated package. This not only saves you money but also minimizes the environmental impact associated with multiple shipments.

No US Sales Tax: One of the major advantages of shopping through is that you won't have to pay US sales tax, further reducing the cost of your purchases.

Direct Buying from the USA: By buying directly from the USA, you bypass the markup that local stores often add to imported products. This means more value for your money and a chance to grab authentic US products at competitive prices.

Ready to Embark on Your MyUS Journey? Sign Up Now

Eager to unlock a world of US brands and unparalleled savings? Signing up for is the first step towards revolutionizing your international shopping experience. With a free 30-day membership, you can test-drive the advantages of and start benefiting from reduced shipping costs.

Don't let geographical boundaries restrict your access to quality US products any longer. is your passport to a seamless, budget-friendly global shopping spree. Join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of happy members and redefine the way you shop internationally!


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