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Shower Heads to Change Up Your Routine

Whether you're starting the day or coming home after an intense workout, a shower can both get you cleaned for the day and relaxed for the night. In order to maximize your experience, you'll need a showerhead that's up to the task!

Try the showerheads we've picked out below, and match your spray needs and hardware finishes for an incredible upgrade to your bathing routine. Don't forget, you can easily ship these to any bathroom in the world with MyUS.

Moen AquaDance High Pressure Handheld Shower Hose $29.99

A chrome AquaDance High Pressure Handheld Shower Hose

With an angle-adjustable overhead bracket and six water spray settings, this Handheld Shower Hose from Moen offers plenty of options for your perfect shower routine. Grip the ergonomic handle and wash away for full body coverage or keep it on the bracket to free you hands up for a good scrub down.

“This is a top quality handheld shower nozzle. I’m so happy with my purchase. It is very easy to install and when you use the washers supplied and follow the instructions, not one drop of leakage. I would purchase again and recommend it.” says Teresa in her online review.

High Sierra Waterfall Fixed Rain Shower Head $49.95

A Polished Brass High Sierra 1-Spray 1 in. Single Wall Mount Waterfall Fixed Rain Shower Head

Is your current shower not strong enough? Try this Classic Plus 1.5 GPM Low Flow Fixed Shower Head! It’s elegant and simple in design, but the most important detail lies in water conservation and all-metal construction. Without using more water than usual, this showerhead provides a strong spray with large rain-like droplets and will make quick work of soap and dirt in mere seconds!

“Plenty of pressure and using A LOT less water. Our drain use to fill up with our old shower head, now with this one, no problem at all. Nice weight for such a small shower head, very satisfied.” spen states

PowerSpa 3-Way Shower Combo $29.99

A chrome PowerSpa 24-Setting Luxury 3-Way Shower Combo spraying water in a dark shower room

Whether you are sharing a shower or prefer a more luxurious spa experience, this 3-Way PowerSpa Combo gives you all the options and sprays! This showerhead combo includes a stationary spray and a handheld, so you can get the best of both worlds! 

“This shower head is awesome. I bought this because I am 5'2 and my husband is 6'1. He has to bend his neck at an awkward angle to take a shower. This shower head allows you to use both at once!! Shared showers will never be the same” Courtney comments.

Waterpik 6-Spray Shower Head With PowerPulse $49.99

A brushed nickel Waterpik 6-Spray Shower Head with PowerPulse

This Waterpik 6-Spray Shower Head is all you need to relax and unwind. Featuring a PowerPulse massage setting and six high-performance spray modes, this shower head is easy to install and gives you a spa-like experience right at home! 

“This shower head is perfect for my rental apartment! I love using this when I’m sore after a workout. I would definitely recommend this shower head to friends looking for an affordable renter-friendly shower head.” agnesf raves.

Glacier Bay LED Lighted Fixed Rain Shower Head $29

A Glacier Bay 1-Spray 6 in. Single Wall Mount LED Lighted Fixed Rain Shower Head in Chrome

Add more water coverage and fun to your shower with this LED Fixed Rain Shower Head from Glacier Bay! This 6-inch plated face lets you know if the water is cold, warm, or hot with the LED color indicator outlining the square head. Did we forget to mention the rainfall-like quality you'll get with each shower?

“I love it! I asked the light to let you know what the water temperature is. It has soft rain water and it makes you not want to get out of the shower I highly recommend this to anyone. It is perfect” says Flash.

High Pressure Shower Head $29.97

A Oil-Rubbed Bronze Wassa Store High Pressure Shower Head with adjustable metal swivel ball joint, spraying water, in a grey stone tile shower

If water pressure is your top priority, then you should install this High Pressure Shower Head in your shower. Feel the intense and direct water stream from the 45 silicon jet nozzles, while the material reduces lime buildup and hard water deposits. You’ll be in and out of the shower—squeaky clean and refreshed—in no time!

“We purchased as a replacement shower head for our master shower and ended up buying another one for the kids’ shower! Super easy installation for my husband. The pressure this puts out is unreal. My shower time has decreased because of how efficient the water flow is at getting soap and shampoo off of my body. Definitely recommend it.” A. Key comments.

WaterHawk Smart Shower Head $37.49

A silver and white WaterHawk Smart 6 Inch Shower Head with Real Time Water Usage/Temperature LED Display

If you’re environmentally conscious about water conservation, this WaterHawk Smart Shower Head tracks how much water you’re using per shower. The LED display shows water usage in real time and temperature for an ideal and quick shower routine. Better yet, no batteries are necessary for operation. Just install, program, and soak away!

“We can't afford a digitally controlled valve, but this affordable digital readout head allows us to monitor the temperature before stepping into the shower. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to easily monitor the temperature or water use during a shower.” John Balogh writes.

Shop for the right shower heads from US websites and ship worldwide and US sales-tax-free with MyUS! 

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