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Spring Cleaning Must-Haves!

It’s that time of the year again to start your spring cleaning. Deep clean your house with ease using these popular and useful cleaning products. Get them with MyUS today and enjoy benefits like fast, consolidated shipping.

Scrub Daddy All-Star Kit

white box full of Scrub Daddy products

This ultimate Scrub Daddy sponge set comes with a whopping 16 products, including the original Scrub Daddy sponge, a sponge caddy, scour sheets, eraser sheets, and more. These sponges are soft when used with hot water and firm when used with cold and are built to last, making them essential for your cleaning needs.

Customer Review: I recommend this box to EVERYONE. It is such a good deal and a wide variety of products. I look forward to getting it every time! -lsteward13

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The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

pink and white jar

This cleaning paste constantly goes viral on sites like TikTok. It can be used on virtually any surface to get read of grease, stains, and dirt. It’s especially popular for cleaning the bottom of burnt pans and hard water stains in showers and bathtubs like magic.

Customer Review: I seen this being used on tiktok. I have tried many other products and listened to recommendations of family and friends and just never found a product that impressed me. I went out on a limb buying this at home depot and I'm sure glad I did. It made my glass stove top look new again. It's cleaned pots and pans that I was sure would never look new again. I want to try it on some shoes but I'm sure it will work. I think this will be my go to cleaning product from now on. It's worth the money! -Blueydgirl80

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affresh 6-Count Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

green box of washing machine cleaner

You always use your washing machine to clean your clothes, but how often do you remember to clean your washing machine? This washing machine cleaner is super easy to use—toss it in and run a hot wash once a month. It cleans all parts of the machine and removes odors and residues. It’s even safe for high-efficiency machines.

Customer Review: My washing machine doesn’t seem to be working as hard. No smell in my clothes, and my clothes seem to be Cleaner. -Danny

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White Multi-Surface Floor Spray Mop

white and grey floor mop

Ditch your mop with disposable cleaning pads for this spray mop. The cleaning pad is double-sided, can be used wet or dry, and is machine washable. The mop can be filled with the brand’s easy-to-use floor cleaning concentrate, or you can fill it with a cleaner of your choosing.  

Customer Review: I’ve been using this for over a year and I love it. I like not having to buy new pads and being able to use my own cleaning solution. I also like the double sided cleaning pad. -Jessi

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Portable Carpet Scraper Rake 

blue carpet scraper

This lint and hair remover is a must-have for anyone with pets or long hair. It gets fur, hair, and lint out of couches and rugs and is much better than a traditional lint roller. The handle grip makes it easy to use, and it’s always fun to see how much-hidden hair comes up from surfaces, even after vacuuming and cleaning.

Customer Review: My hall closet is a pet hair vacuum cleaner graveyard. I’ve ordered every brands “solution” for pet hair removal and this little hand held tool is by far the best one. It’s easy to use, quick and the results are awesome. I plan to give them as Christmas gifts this year. -JennaLap

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Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

a white and blue window cleaner

This magnetic window cleaner lets you clean the inside and the outside of your windows in one go. It attaches to both sides of the window with cleaning cloths on both sides and even comes with a safety rope to make sure it doesn’t fall.

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Spring Into Spring Cleaning

You don’t have to dread spring cleaning anymore when you use these products. Join MyUS today to get all the best cleaning products and gadgets from your favorite US and UK stores delivered straight to your doorstep. 

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