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Statement Earrings Your Friends Are Sure To Be Jealous Of

Bold, statement earrings are an easy way to update any outfit. Check out our favorite pairs from US websites that will make heads turn in the best way possible and shop with MyUS to pay no US sales tax:

1. Aponi Teardrop Tassel Earring $15

These earrings have multi-colored tassels and a 4" drop for lots of glam and great versatility. Buy a pair here.

2.  Swirl Earrings $24

Make a statement with these swirled, sculptural earrings. They could go modern or retro depending on your outfit - either way, they'll lend sophisticated style to your look. Buy a pair here

3. Chiffon Flower Earrings $38

Love big statement earrings, but not their weight? Try these bohemian look earrings with floaty chiffon blooms from Stella + Ruby. Buy your pair here.

4.  Wrapped Ball & Chain Statement Earrings $55

Modern and playful, these earrings with thread-wrapped spheres in shades of blue will quickly become a go-to pair in your wardrobe. Buy a pair here

5. Beat Metal Link Hoops $22

Pack a punch without a lot of weight with these statement earrings featuring interlocking hoops with bright, textured shine. Buy a pair here

6. Cascade Sequin Drop Earrings $210

Feminine and delicate, these earrings with hand-embroidered sequins are a stunning showstopper. Buy a pair here.

7. Floral Crystal & Imitation Pearl Drop Earrings $26

These elegant earrings with inky leaves and pale pink petals are full of tropical charm. Buy a pair here.

8. Shiori Beaded Chandelier Earrings $48

These statement earrings have flower-like clusters that look delicate but pack a punch of color. Buy a pair here

9. Art Deco Earrings $42

Love a unique look? These deco-inspired earrings will lend instant drama and originality to any look. Buy them here.

10. Drama Crystal Chandelier Earrings $125

Need something dressy? Add evening-worthy sparkle to your look with a glittering array of glass crystals from Givenchy. Buy a pair here.

We love finding the best deals on the hottest looks for our members, but some of the earrings featured above may have purchase restrictions, or may not take every form of payment. To find more information, please check with the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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