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10 Things Only Islanders Understand

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10 Things Only Islanders Understand (Transcript of Infographic)

Living on a tropical island has its perks, like sandy beaches and postcard-worthy sunsets, but there are some less-than-perfect realities that can come with a remote locale. Global shipper MyUS (and Florida neighbor who can relate to many of these) relays islanders' thoughts on the good and bad of island life (spoiler: it's still a dream come true).

1. The Heat Makes You Rethink Makeup

In the summer, the heat and humidity can turn a simple walk from the house to the car into a makeup-melting, sweat-stained event.​

2. Island Time Does Exist

One of the best things about island life is the laid-back, relaxed attitude. But that can sometimes mean appointments & meeting times are a loose suggestion.

3. Grocery Shopping is Sometimes a Gamble

When everything has to be imported, it's hard to predict what will appear on your local store's shelves on any given day. And if you're an expat searching for your favorite back-home snacks, island shopping can be downright disappointing.

4. Bug Encounters are Inevitable

There's just no avoiding them. From mosquitoes to tarantulas, bugs are a part of everyday island life. Fortunately, the local lizards and frogs keep them in check.

5. Electricity Can Be Fickle

For those on more remote islands, power outages can be a regular occurrence, as well as sloooow internet. What you wouldn't do for 15 minutes of uninterrupted  YouTube!

6. Florida is Your Mall

Island shopping can be limited & expensive. Intrepid shoppers travel to Florida's glorious outlet malls and superstores to stock their closets & kitchens.

7. Goodbyes are a Way of Life

While many locals live in the islands for generations, there's also a revolving door of temporary expats and extended vacationers. The upside? Lots of cake.

8. Hurricanes are Really, Really Scary

As those of us glued to the Weather Channel know, hurricanes are a BIG DEAL. Nailing up plywood, stockpiling water, and the very real threat of a direct hit are not a fun part of island living.

9. Family & Friends are Your Lifeline

Many islanders rely on the kindness of mainland friends & family. These most welcome visitors stuff their luggage with hard-to-find items, and send the barrels and care packages that make island life easier.

10. Tourists are Everywhere

They come in droves by cruise ship, and bring plenty of money to spend, which is good. BUT, they also take over your favorite restaurants, beaches and bars with their sunburned revelry.

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*These points were gathered by listening to our island members and interviewing some people who have lived in island countries. These points aren't relevant for all countries and islands. In the end, island life is a dream come true and if there are any trade-offs they're well worth it! :) 


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