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We're Obsessed with these Beauty Bloggers of Latin America

We can’t get enough of these Latina bloggers! From fashion and travel to beauty and lifestyle, they cover it all with chic and effortless style.

You don't have to live in Brazil, Peru, MexicoArgentina or other Latin American countries to fall in love with these beauty and style gurus.

Meet the Latina influencers you’ll want to follow in 2018:

Pam Allier

An accomplished fashion and lifestyle blogger with a captivating smile, Pam Allier is a Mexico City native who still calls the city home. One of the top Latinas on Instagram, she’s also a fashion designer and contributor to Harper’s Bazaar.

Follow Pam Allier on Instagram and bookmark her blog.

Fer Medina

Known around the world for her popular website The Fashion State, Fer Medina is one of Mexico’s hottest fashion bloggers. Her style is lots of quirky, street style chic and the backdrops of her travel-related posts are simply spectacular.  

Read her blog The Fashion State, and follow her on Instagram.

Gaby Gómez

Also hailing from Mexico, Veracruz native Gaby Gómez is crazy popular for her preference to focus on showing off affordable looks, proving that it doesn’t take deep pockets to be a true fashionista!

Follow Gaby on Instagram.

Milagros Plaza

One of the most influential bloggers in South America, Milagros Plaza studied in London and lived in Barcelona before returning home to Lima, Peru. In December 2015, Vogue Mexico named Milagros Plaza one of the top five “Latinas on Top of the World 2.0.”

Check out her blog “Style in Lima” and follow her on Instagram.

Anny Vela

The creator of Radar Fashion, Anny Vela discusses trends that inspire her, and her blog is full of beauty tips, hairstyle tutorials, her worldly travels and more.

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram.

Gabilú Mireles (a.k.a. Fat Gab)

You’re going to love Gabilú Mireles. She’s a curvy fashion blogger and self-professed food and Instagram enthusiast that shares her curvy girl fashion inspiration on her new blog, Fat Gab.

See what's she's up to on Instagram account and her blog should be on everyone's must-follow list!

Amparo Zepeda

Amparo Zepeda studied fashion design in Medellín, Colombia, and soon after she launched her blog Fashion From AZ showcasing her personal style. With her unique sense of style and digital marketing savvy, she’s quickly upping Guatemala's presence in the fashion industry.  

Follow Amparo on Instagram and check out her blog.

Luisa Allan

Luisa Allan is a mother of two and popular stylist, helping her clients find their own sense of style through image consulting. She has a huge following on Instagram, which showcases her personal style and the best of Guatemalan fashion.

Follow Luisa Allen on Instagram.

Martina Ritter

Brazilian Martina Ritter is just 22, but she already has a crazy popular fashion and lifestyle blog under her belt, covering everything and anything that makes her happy, from high fashion heels and summer handbags.  

View and follow her blog and check her out on Instagram.

Whitney Valverde

In 2013, Whitney Valverde broke out with her bilingual fashion blog Whitney’s Wonderland, and it’s been non-stop ever since. An ambassador for some of her favorite brands, Whitney’s blog covers travel, beauty, fashion, and restaurants, and also throws in some of her own tips on personal style.

Check out Whitney's blog and keep up with her on Instagram.

Andrea Segura

Meet Andrea Segura. Her deep love of fashion led to her colorful and easy to navigate blog where she shares her personal style. We simply adore her because she always aims to make people feel positive about their style and body image.

Visit her beautiful blog and follow her on Instagram.

Who Are Your Favorite Latina Fashion and Beauty Bloggers?

Did we miss any of your favorite Latina beauty and style gurus? We'd love to hear from you. Let us know on Facebook who should be added to this list!


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