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#Trending With MyUS: FriendSheep

While we all long for soft, wrinkle-free laundry, most disposable dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners aren’t so great for the environment. Even worse, both contain chemicals known to be toxic to people after sustained exposure. So how do you ensure your clothes look and feel great without all the chemicals and fragrances? FriendSheep!

Friendsheep makes handmade, eco-friendly products from fair trade wool, including eco dryer balls, eco fabric fresheners, pet products, wooly friends, and essential oils. 

Their products are earth-friendly and handmade by Nepali artisans in the Himalayan Valley of Kathmandu. The artisans are compensated with fair wages and use organic cruelty-free certified New Zealand wool. Every product is made with eco-friendly azo-free dyes and shipped using post-consumer 100% recyclable and 100% compostable packing materials.

FriendSheep is committed to making a difference in the world with one tree planted for every product sold. Additionally, about 20% of their proceeds going to organizations that help the Earth, children nature, ocean, and less fortunate such as UNICEF, Ocean Conservancy, and Global Wildlife Conservation.

With FriendSheep, you get healthy products for your home and pets, and the world is a little better off. Pretty impressive, right?

Now to the really good stuff—their products! Check out some of their bestsellers below, and ship them worldwide with MyUS. Remember, when you purchase from US websites as a MyUS member, you’ll pay no US sales tax on your purchase!

Creamy White Eco Dryer Balls $23

FriendSheep Creamy White Eco Dryer Balls

FriendSheep's Creamy White Eco Dryer Balls naturally soften and fluff your laundry while helping you reduce drying time by 20% to 40% depending on load size. Completely free of plastics and chemicals, they are unscented, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and reusable for over 1,000 loads of laundry! Each set of 6 extra-large wool balls comes with a user manual and a useful hand-printed storage bag, making them the ideal eco-friendly gift for yourself and for anyone who wants to live a safe, sustainable, healthy, plastic-free life.

Flock of Friends Eco Dryer Balls $28

Flock of Friends Eco Dryer Balls

Want to smile every time you do the laundry? Bring a little fun and whimsy to every laundry day with these Flock of Friends Eco Dryer Balls. They have all the same great qualities you'll find in the plain white dryer balls, but each dryer ball in this set has a smiling sheep that will brighten your day!

Terrier Wool Toy $16

Terrier Wool Toy and gift bag

This adorable Terrier Wool Toy is the latest addition to the FriendSheep family. Carefully and lovingly handmade for fair wages in Kathmandu, Nepal from 100% pure New Zealand wool and colored with eco-friendly dyes, he comes packaged in a signature FriendSheep bag that's ready for gifting.

Eco Fabric Fresheners $5 for 3

FriendSheep Eco Fabric Fresheners in heart and star shapes

Replace chemical-filled scented drawer sheets with new Friendsheep Eco Fabric Fresheners. Handmade with 100% sustainable New Zealand wool, they are reusable and can be scented with your favorite essential oils and tossed into drawers and closets for fresh, fragrant clothes every day. Or use them to scent a room or your car for aromatherapy on the go. Use your own essential oils or try pairing them with their Sun is Shining Organic Essential Oil for a joyful uplifting vibe. While each package of 3, 5, or 7 unscented Eco Fabric Fresheners come in an assortment of shapes and colors, you can contact them if you have a special request!

Eco Kitty Cave "Orange Crush" $70

Cat sitting in Eco Kitty Cave Orange Crush

Give your cat a cozy, safe, and soothing environment with FriendSheep's Eco Kitty Cave. It's made with their organic New Zealand wool that has natural antibacterial properties, so it will keep your favorite feline cleaner and smelling better. It's easy to wash with just soap and water and they're large enough for your sturdiest cat or a litter of kittens. 

Shop FriendSheep's sustainable and eco-friendly products today and ship worldwide and US sales tax-free when you become a MyUS member.

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