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Benefits of Package Consolidation

Are you familiar with our package consolidation service? Enjoy this free benefit that comes with our premium and business memberships to save money and get your packages in fewer boxes.

Why choose consolidated shipping?

Sometimes, items are shipped in boxes that are far too big for them because that is the only size the merchant carries. These boxes are then stuffed with extra packing material, making the package heavier and more expensive to ship.

Along with heavy packages, large boxes are also to blame for extremely high shipping prices. Many couriers use volumetric weight, a formula that considers package weight and dimensions, to set shipping prices (see our MyUS TruePrice guarantee for more information). You shouldn’t have to pay more for empty space, and you won’t with MyUS. Say goodbye to the days of receiving a tube of lipstick in a box that could fit a pair of shoes in it with package consolidation.

How do I choose to consolidate my packages?

Packages don’t need to be shipped as soon as we receive them, so don’t worry if you’re waiting for another to arrive to get your order shipped to you. Your items can stay in your suite for free for up to 30 days until you’re ready to ship them all at once in one consolidated package. This not only saves you money on shipping fees but also takes away the hassle of trying to keep track of multiple tracking numbers and emails when checking the status of your purchases.

When you are ready to have your items shipped, you can request consolidated shipping in your MyUS suite. Our expert packers will place everything into one box, removing extra packing materials and unwanted boxes. Your items will be repacked in an appropriately sized box with the right amount of packing materials to keep them safe—nothing extra.

Save Money on International Shipping with MyUS

Start taking advantage of this great perk today with your Premium MyUS membership. Don’t have one? Sign up today to save money on international shipping and receive your packages in fewer boxes. Whether you’re a small business owner getting items shipped or enjoy getting the best US and UK shopping deals, package consolidation will save you money.

If you already use our package consolidation service, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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