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Benefits of Package Consolidation

We frequently encourage our customers to use the free package consolidation service that comes with our memberships, but some customers may not understand just how much of a benefit this service really offers. If you have never used our package consolidation service, you may be missing out on some valuable savings!

When merchants ship packages, they often use standard sized boxes designed to hold many products. If the purchased product is too small for the box, many merchants simply add extra material to fill the empty space and protect the purchase. This extra material adds weight and takes up space, both of which can make international shipping much more expensive. International shipping is even more expensive if you have several packages that all contain extra—and unwanted--materials.  

With the package consolidation service available to Members, you can hold packages in your suite at no charge for up to 30 days while you wait for more purchases to arrive. Once all of your merchandise is in your suite, you can select it for shipping in one consolidated package.

When you submit your ship request, shippers select the requested packages from your suite and discard all of the extra boxes, packing material and advertisements. Shippers then carefully place your purchases into a single box, add padding as necessary, and send the box containing your consolidated purchases to your door. Even better, shippers do not add unnecessary packing material; if the available boxes are too large, shippers condense the packaging to avoid unnecessary dimensional weight during international shipping.

The extra packing materials that typically come along with a single purchase can add considerable cost to your international shipping. By consolidating packages to eliminate this unnecessary material, you can significantly reduce your total shipping costs. If you ship frequently or make a lot of purchases, consolidation can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Have you converted from a Basic Membership to a Premium Membership and saved on shipping? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please use the comment area below to share your experience with us.


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