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What are Saudi Arabians Buying from the United States? (Infographic)

Since 1997, MyUS has helped Saudis shop US stores online and ship purchases home to KSA. Wondering what they're buying from the United States? Check it out... 

What KSA buys from USA infographic

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Transcript: How Saudi Arabia Shops the US

MyUS, a global package consolidator with 350,000 members worldwide, offers insights on how its Saudi Arabian members are shopping USA stores and shipping goods home.

On Everyone's Lips

Makeup and cosmetics from the US are popular all over the world, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Saudis are putting their money where their mouth is:

  • Lip care products shipped this year: 85,000

Dental Care Delivery

Saudi shoppers value a sparkling smile, and are turning to US brands for their dental care needs:

  • Crest Whitestrips(R) shipped this year: 4,000+

USA Holiday Sales: A Saudi Shopper's Dream

Stores in the US offer great deals, unique products and top brands. Saudi consumers are making the most of their buying power. They know how to save with Black Friday and other holiday sales in the United States.

  • Top 2014 Holiday Season Retailer:, which accounted for a whopping 63% of all purchases shipped to Saudi Arabia from the US!
  • What are Saudis buying over the holiday season?
    • Cosmetics 
    • Skin care items
    • Vitamins and supplements
    • Toys
    • Smartphone accessories
    • Jewelry
    • Men's Clothing 
    • Electronics


Data is based on MyUS Saudi member activity 1 Jan through 1 September 2014. Holiday data is based on member activity 28 Nov through 31 Dec. 


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