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Why Choose a MyUS Premium Membership?

MyUS offers several types of memberships, but we strongly recommend—and our members prefer—the Premium Membership. This membership type allows you flexibility, consolidation and lower shipping rates for just a low monthly fee.

As a MyUS Premium Member, you get great benefits like:

Free Package Consolidation:

As a Premium Member, you can hold your packages while you continue shopping or wait for other merchandise to arrive. When you’re ready to receive your purchases, just submit a ship request from your Inbox and we will ship all of your merchandise to you at once. Because you only pay international shipping charges on a single, consolidated packages, you can pay much less than shipping each of your purchases separately.

Shipping Flexibility:

You can manually submit a ship request to receive your merchandise anytime you want it, or you can schedule shipments to take place on a schedule that is convenient for you. We offer weekly shipments as well as monthly shipments, and you can even specify which week of the month you would like us to send your purchases.

Longer Package Storage:

As a Premium Member, you can store as many packages as you like in your suite for up to 30 days at no additional charge. Storage fees for packages that remain in your suite longer than 30 days are just $1 per package per day.

The international shipping rates for Premium Members are 20% lower than the rates that Basic Members pay!

Whether you ship frequently or just ship a few times per year, you can save money and time with a MyUS Premium Membership. If you’re already a MyUS member, you can upgrade anytime!

If you’re not yet a member, why not sign up now and start shopping today!


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