BobjGear was started as a result of buying an Android tablet in 2011 and joining an Android online forum. Through the forum, BobJ learned that tablet owners could not find a high quality protective silicone case at an affordable price anywhere. As a fellow Android enthusiast, BobJ took on the challenge to design and build such a case. Most people wanted a sturdy, durable case, which was more protective than the 'silicone skins' that were available. BobJ worked with the forum members to understand their needs and proceeded to design and build a protective case to meet those needs. As a result, the seeds were sown for the start of BobjGear, LLC. The result was a superior protective case that was unlike anything available! Now BobJ receives requests for his cases for all models of tablets, from around the world. BobJ continue to personally design each new case. The process is a labor of love, sweat, and gnashing of teeth. The design for each new case is a careful process involving beta testers and forum members. BobJ wants to insure each Bobj® Rugged Case meets the needs of the tablet owners. While BobJ can not guarantee that your tablet will never break when in one of his cases, he strives for his cases to be exceptionally protective and specifically address all design features of each unique tablet. You will find an abundance of feedback on Amazon from happy customers thanking BobJ for the superior protection our cases provided when they dropped their tablet. So for those of you who treasure your tablets, as BobJ does, this is the only tablet case for you! It will serve you well.

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