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20 Norwegian Fashion & Beauty Bloggers You’ll Want to Follow in 2018

We can't help it, we're obsessed with these Norwegian bloggers, and you will be too! Covering everything from fashion and beauty to food and comedy, there's something for everyone!

Whether you live in Norway or across the globe, these influencers are sure to dazzle you in 2018:

Fredrik Risvik 

Influencer Fredrik Risvik wearing gray beanie and long gray pea coat outside

With a love for functional design and clean lines, Fredrik Risvik documents his stylish take on fashion, lifestyle and interior design on his popular blog, and has grown a significant following on Instagram. 

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram - and be sure to check out his blog!

Celine Aagaard

Influencer Celine Aagaard sitting on chair in brown silk full body dress in sandals

Celine Aagaard is a fashion blogger, stylist, innovator, author, fashion expert, and founder of the digital fashion universe Envelope. A hippie at heart, she has a soft spot for sharp lines and a love of black and white. 

Enjoy her blog, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Tine Andrea

Influencer Tine Andrea wearing cream jumper and blazer

A freelance fashion writer and stylist, Tine Andrea has been slowly stepping into the fashion world with her blog The Fashion Neaters, and the world is taking notice. Her blog has been featured in numerous fashion publications and she has built a solid following on Pinterest and Instagram.

Check out her blog, and be sure to follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest

Anniken Englund Jørgensen

Influencer Anniken Jorgensen in forest wearing sunflower off the shoulder dress

Born in a small town outside Drammen, Norway, Anniken Englund Jørgensen describes herself as an old soul in a young body, always looking for something different. Her blog, Annijor, covers fashion, makeup, and beauty, as well as her life experiences and day-to-day adventures. 

Take a look at her blog and follow her on InstagramYouTube and Facebook

Lene Orvik

Influencer Lene Orvik on balcony wearing red polka dot dress and wooden handbag

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Lene Orvik has become one of Norway's most established influencers, blogging about fashion, beauty, food, exercise, travel, and interior on her site. 

Follow her on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook and check out her blog

Martine Egeland

Influencer Martine Egeland walking on rooftop in striped pants and black lace bralette

At just 22 years old, Martine Egeland is already making waves in the fashion world. Her blog highlights her outfits and fashion tips as well as giving you a glimpse of her everyday life, which is of course, full of fashion!  

Check her out her blog for a glimpse at her fashion-filled lifestyle, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Erica Mohn Kvam

Influencer Erica Mohn Kvam wearing black deep v romper and red boots

With over 208k followers on Instagram, Erica Mohn Kvam has become a major player on the Norwegian fashion scene. Her self-titled blog has a mix of everything from fashion and outfits to recipes and thoughts on everyday life. 

Check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Darja Barannik

Influencer Darja Barannik wearing red ruffle floral dress and white flats

Born in St.Petersburg, Russia, Darja Barannik was raised in Norway and has traveled the world, giving her a truly international background. She has an impressive resume, including a marketing and leadership degree, features on and, and working as a TV host and journalist.

Head over to her blog, and follow her on Instagram!

Camilla Pihl

Influencer Camilla Pihl wearing light pink top and pants standing next to lime green moldy wall

Norwegian fashion blogger and model Camilla Pihl has enjoyed huge success with her self-titled blog that she founded in 2004. It's become Norway's most award-winning blog sharing her passion for beauty, travel, food, and of course, fashion, and she also has a very successful skincare brand, Skin Camilla Pihl.

Follow her on Instagram and YouTube, and subscribe to her blog here.

Caroline Berg Eriksen

Influencer Caroline Berg Eriksen wearing straw hat and high waisted olive green pants

Married with young children, Caroline Berg Eriksen chronicles her everyday life as a mom on her blog as well as her perspective on fashion, exercise, health and, food. 

Check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook, and Instagram.

Marna Haugen Burøe

Influencer Marna Haugen Buroe wearing watermelon leggings and holding a watermelon and watermelon pool float

Marna Haugen Burøe is a comedian and blogger that covers fashion, food, life, and beauty with humor and honesty on her blog, Komikertrue.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook - and don’t forget to subscribe to her blog.

Martine Lunde Aarsrud

Influencer Martine Lunde Aarsrud posing in yellow sheer top and skirt on steps

Martine Lunde Aarsrud is a blogger and Norwegian personality that runs her own fashion and travel blog and has appeared on Paradise Hotel with best friend and YouTube partner Isabelle Eriksen. 

Catch her blog here and follow her on YouTube and Instagram.

Isabelle Eriksen

Influencer Isabelle Eriksen wearing two piece black set in the sand on beach

Influencer Isabelle Eriksen is one busy lady! She partners with best friend Martine Lunde Aarsrud on their YouTube channel, Isabelle and Martine, runs her own blog and appears on Paradise Hotel regularly.

Browse her blog and follow her on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Martine Halvorsen

Influencer Martine Halvorsen wearing white t-shirt dress in front of yellow wall

Martine Halvorsen is a popular, yet somewhat controversial, blogger from Norway who writes about everything from her outfits and inspirations to positive body image, sexual harassment and women's rights. 

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her blog here.

Sophie Elise

Influencer Sophie Elise wearing over the knee boots with black leather leggings in front of a black door

Founder of one of the most popular and successful blogs in Norway, Sophie Elise is also a reality TV star, DJ at some of Norway's best and biggest clubs, and is the author of her new book "Model."

Check out her self-titled blog and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Stina Marie Bakken

Influencer Stina Marie Bakken wearing a white off the shoulder top in front of flower bush

Stina lives in Sandefjord and writes about daily life, fashion, exercise, diet, makeup and girlfriend tips, on her blog, Stina Blogg. She's also an active YouTuber, making entertaining and informative videos about training, makeup, hair, every day, and more.

Follow her on YouTube and Instagram and enjoy her blog, Stina Blogg.

Nnenna Echem

Influencer Nnenna Echem wearing spaghetti strap blue floral dress with white belt on street of Norway

Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, Nnenna Echem has a heart for fashion and beauty, and true love for exploring the world. Along with a degree in Marketing, she's content creator at beauty and fashion site, and has her own blog about fashion, beauty, travel, food, and much more. 

Check out her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Line Kirkhus

Influencer Line Kirkhus wearing black jeans and cream sweater outside

Journalist and digital marketer Line Kirkhus started her blog, Lili's Fashion, in 2009 as an outlet for her interests in fashion, photography, health, beauty and all the other things she cares about.

Follow her on Instagram, and check out her blog here.


Influencer Sara wearing hot pink pants and blue sweater with a tiger on it holding colorful balloons in a colorful room

Sara's blog Sara Beauty Corner is full of fashion, DIY ideas, makeup tips, nail art, and everything else beauty related. Her YouTube channel is full of colorful and funny beauty videos that are not only informative but also super entertaining.  

Check out her blog here, and follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Julie Jakobsen

Influencer Julie Jakobsen taking a selfie with pink blonde hair

Beauty blogger Julie Jakobsen shares her hair coloring tips, makeup tips, and inspiration through videos, pictures and tutorials on her blog and popular YouTube channel. While the blog was originally started for hairdressers, hair and makeup lovers are also very welcome!

Follow her on YouTube and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here

Who are your favorite bloggers from Norway? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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