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8 Natural Toothpastes That Really Work

Natural toothpastes sound good in theory, because they're free of chemicals and additives, but do they work? And how do they taste? Weird? Gritty? If you’re ready to take the leap into natural toothpaste, you’ll be happy to know that there are some great brands available that not only fight plaque and whiten just like the big brand toothpastes, but they taste good too!

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8. Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste $5

White and blue toothpaste tube sitting on box

This toothpaste smells and tastes great, with a fresh minty flavor that leaves no artificial aftertaste. Which makes sense since it contains no preservatives, chemicals or harsh abrasives. Buy it here.

7. Eco-Dent Daily Care Toothpowder $6

Eco-Dent blue toothpowder bottle

Toothpowder? Yes! This toothpowder from Eco-Dent uses baking soda and sea salt to prevent plaque without fluoride. And since it’s a powder, it’s airplane safe and can be tucked away in your carry-on. Buy it here.

6. Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste $7

Jack N' Jill white toothpaste tube with orange cap

Toddlers and kids love fun, sweet flavors, and Jack N’ Jill natural toothpaste comes in yummy flavors like blueberry, banana and strawberry. It’s sugar free, free of added colors, fluoride and preservatives, and contains organic calendula to sooth tender gums. Buy it here.

5. Tom’s of Maine Botanically Bright Toothpaste in Spearmint $6

Tom's spearmint toothpaste box

Get lots of good foaming action in this toothpaste, without the use of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It has a nice spearmint flavor and leaves your mouth feeling super clean. Buy it here.

4. Hello Fluoride-Free Toothpaste in Watermelon 4 Pack $16

White Hello toothpaste tube and box with two watermelon slices

Although it’s marketed to kids, this toothpaste is a great choice for adults too. Its natural and vegan goodness that tastes wonderful. (We also love the fresh, bright packaging and BPA-free tube!) Buy it here.

3. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree & Neam Toothpaste $9

Desert Essence toothpaste tube with white cap

If you spend more time than you care to admit at dental cleanings, give this toothpaste from Desert Essence a try. It contains tea tree oil, which has natural antiseptic properties, and the dental benefits of Neem, which is derived from a tree known in India as the “toothbrush” tree, fighting plaque naturally and deep cleaning teeth and gums without harsh abrasives or chemicals. Buy it here.

2. David’s Natural Toothpaste  $8

David's toothpaste tube, box, and metal roller

This natural toothpaste has none of the grit associated with some natural toothpastes - just a smooth and creamy paste that whitens teeth and removes plaque naturally. It’s also made with a unique combination of of oils from a variety of mint that’s unlike any flavor you’ve tasted before - but darn good! Buy it here.

1. Zion Health Claybrite Extra Natural Toothpaste $9

ClayBrite green toothpaste tube with green cap

Don’t let the odd color of this toothpaste fool you. Made with monmorillonite clay (it looks a little bit like mud), this minty fresh toothpaste whitens, helps ward off cavities, eliminates bad breath and heal gums. It also contains nothing artificial and no fluoride. Buy it here.

We always aim to bring the best products and offers to our members, but some of the toothpastes featured above may have purchase restrictions, or may not take all forms of payment. Please check the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.



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