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13 American “As Seen On TV” Products You Might Just Need

Kaboom! Shamwow! Thanks to TV and some unforgettable pitchmen, products we never knew we needed have become household names and necessities.

Now, with MyUS, international shoppers can buy American “As Seen On TV” products - from the Hurricane Spin Mop to the Bedazzler, MyUS can deliver it to your door in as fast as 2 to 4 days, worldwide.

13 Awesome “As Seen On TV” Products 

1. The 1-Second Slicer

This handy kitchen gizmo slices, dices, chops and quarters veggies, fruit and eggs in no time. It also acts as a storage container for you freshly cut food. There should be one of these in your camping bag. Buy it Here.

2. Lazer Bond

Liquid resin that seals in 3 seconds is a quick permanent fix for porcelain, plastic, leather, copper, vinyl, metal, PVC piping, glass and so much more. Buy it Here.

3. Pedi Perfect

A rechargeable wet or dry foot file that keeps your feet soft, supple and beautiful (and it’s small enough to keep in your handbag for any pedi emergencies.) Buy it Here

4. Hot Designs Nail Art Pens

Get custom manicures right in your own home. Use the multiple polish colors, brushes and pens to draw your own nail art masterpieces. Buy it Here. Note: Some countries and shipping airlines do not allow air freight transport or import of nail polish because it's considered a "dangerous good". Before you buy nail polish from the USA, please confirm with MyUS that you can legally ship it to your country. 

5. Ninja Turtles Dream Lights 

These cool nightlight alternatives turn your child’s room to a nightscape of fun and adventure with everybody’s favorite Heroes in a Half Shell. Buy it Here

6. Copper Fit Back Pro (or Knee Sleeve)

Give your back and muscles the support they need with the Copper Fit Back Pro. This compression device helps ease muscle soreness and fatigue. Buy it Here.

7. My Pillow

Stop tossing and turning all night and waking up with a sore neck. Stop re-fluffing old pillows. Start sleeping on “the most comfortable pillow in the world” – guaranteed! Buy it Here

8. L-Pillow

This is a must for side-sleepers. Stop fighting with your pillows and sleep tight on an L Pillow. Buy it Here.

9. Pillow Pets

There’s a perfect pillow for everyone, including your kids. This kid-sized pillow doubles as an adorable plush animal. Or is it the other way around? That’s for your child to decide. Buy it Here

10. The X-Hose

This hose rocks. It’s compact, lightweight and works like a charm. Say “goodbye” to cumbersome rubber hoses and “hello” to the XHose. It's as much fun to watch it expand as it is handy and versatile. Buy it Here

11. NuWave Oven

Think of it as an inexpensive portable oven that's great for trips and small apartments. It’s big-time taste in a little package. Buy it Here

12. Wallet Ninja

How does 18 tools for less than 10 US dollars sound? And it fits into your wallet. Never be caught without a screwdriver/paper cutter/box opener/ruler again. Buy it Here

13. Scrub Daddy

This amazing scrubby smiles no matter what you put it through, and it can take (and clean) a lot. This is one of our favorite ASOTV items that offers fun and function at one low price. If you want more proof, check this outBuy it Here


Want more? Here’s a whole website full of the latest and greatest “As Seen On TV” products you can buy and have shipped to your home in days thanks to MyUS. 

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