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Best Halloween Kid & Adult Costumes (2018)

Find the perfect costume online and get what you want from the USA! Note: Some countries in the Middle East* restrict costumes/masks from being imported. Please check your country's banned items lists before you shop. If you have questions, we're here to help!

Most Popular Costumes This Year

Baby Mini Moo Cow ($29.99)

The cutest cow you’ve ever seen, right? Get it at

Kids T-Rex Air Blowup Costume ($29.95)

Who hasn't dreamed about being an inflatable dinosaur? Now you can give your kids the chance to live one day as a mighty T-Rex. Buy it on

Kids Zombie Fear Leader ($39.99)

Become a zombie without getting bitten! Find it at

Baby Mouse (from $20.99)

Turn your child into the cutest mouse on the block with this costume. Get it on Amazon

Harry Potter Costume for Girls or Boys ($22.77)

Harry Potter will always be one of the best characters to dress up as on Halloween (or any time of the year when something Harry Potter related is happening!). Find it at

Star Wars Kylo Ren ($42.99)

These are flying off the shelf! Everyone wants to be Kylo. Get it at Amazon.

Princess Leia ($33.28)

Buy this Princess Leia costume because it’s fun to dress up as your favorite Rebel leader. Find it on

Mrs. Incredible Adult Costume ($39.99)

Be Mrs. Incredible and you'll be ready for any mission! Perfect for any Disney lovers. Buy it at

Anna - Frozen ($39.99)

Looking for another Disney character? Save the kingdom this year as Anna. Find it online at

Adult Skeleton ($32.99)

Looking for something scary, but not too scary for children to be around? Try this sweater with some face paint and you'll be all set! Get it at

Adult Vampire ($129.99)

Vampire’s are always in. This one is the real winner because it creates the perfect amount of spook. Shop SpiritHalloween for this costume

Be Maleficent ($39.94-$43.44)

Thanks to the Disney movie, Maleficent has become a Halloween favorite. Trick and treat in true villainess style. Get it at

Snow White ($41.99)

Disney’s original princess is an A+ costume. There’s never been a princess sweeter than Snow White. Buy it online at Walmart

Darth Vader ($33.42)

This goes along with the Kylo Ren and Princess Leia costumes. If you’re thinking of doing a complete family Star Wars costume theme, then you’re probably going to need this cool costume for Dad. Get it at

Ghostbuster ($39.99)

Who're they gonna call? Ghostbuster! You'll be the hit of the party in this jumpsuit with proton pack. Get it at

Freddy Krueger ($29.99)

What’s Halloween without at least one good scary costume? That’s why we had to include the man, the myth, the movie legend, Freddy Krueger. Shop

Superman ($34.37)

It’s time to channel your inner Clark Kent because Superheroes are on trend right now and there has never been a hero quite like Superman. Get it at Walmart stores

Jack Sparrow ($59.99)

A classic in the world of Halloween costumes. Johnny Depp would be so proud. Get it here:

Mario ($49.99)

You can now say “Itsa me, Mario,” and no one will get annoyed because it’s Halloween! Buy it online at PartyCity

All of these costumes and many more are available to MyUS members when they buy these items online with their MyUS shipping address. We ship to anywhere in the world in as little as two days. 


*Countries that ban costumes and masks from entering their borders include: 

We at MyUS strive to bring the best and accurate shopping options to all of our members. However, some of the American websites listed may have purchase restrictions for international shoppers, or may not take all forms of payment. Check each website for the terms of sale, shipping guidelines and other terms and conditions.


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