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Unlock Amazing Deals: International Shoppers Go Wild on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

With MyUS, shoppers around the world can get in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping craze! So what's up with these two crazy American holidays anyway? Here are some wild facts about the busiest shopping days of the year...

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Ready to Shop? Check out These Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday by the Numbers (Transcript)

Global package consolidator, MyUS, offers insights on how shoppers spend, struggle and shop on the most sacred of retail weekends - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year (2014) was a big year for bargain shoppers.

  • 5.1 Million Canadians took off work on Thanksgiving/Black Friday to cross the US border for sales or online deals
  • $1.2 BILLION was spent by British shoppers on Black Friday, easily surpassing the UK's Cyber Monday Sales.
  • $4.6 Million retail spend by Saudi Arabian shoppers at US online stores during Black Friday and Cyber Monday*

Shop At Your Own Risk: Injuries at Stores on Black Friday

Who knew braving US stores on Black Friday could be hazardous to your health? Accidents and injuries have become a part of the landscape as shoppers battle it out for the best bargains.

  • 66% of Black Friday injuries in the US happened at Walmart stores
  • Out of the 89 Black Friday injuries reported between 2206-2014, the top injuries were:
    • pepper spray injuries (40)
    • trampling (19)
    • car accidents (12)
    • fights (4)
  • 100% of pepper spray injuries happened at Walmart
  • Stay safe and shop online. 0 Black Friday injuries occurred at

A Global Sensation: International Shoppers Are Taking Advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday in the USA

The worldwide buzz on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals means more and more shoppers around the world are getting in on the savings.

Top stores international bargain hunters shopped online at:

  1. (see Amazon's hottest gifts of 2015 here)
  2. Ralph Lauren
  3. Gap
  4. Carter's
  5. Forever 21
  6. Nordstrom
  7. and
  8. 6PM

Shoppers around the world made Amazon the big winner over 2014's Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The retail giant overtook all other online stores, regardless of the deals they were offering.

What Are Global Shoppers Buying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

  1. Toys
  2. Beauty and skincare products
  3. Men's shirts
  4. Smartphone cases
  5. Makeup (for lips - lipstick and gloss)

Toys were the overwhelming top pick for international shoppers taking advantage of the holiday sales over these US shopping holidays. Other favorites included baby clothes, DVDs, vitamins and costume jewelry.

*Data based on MyUS members from Saudi Arabia activity from 28 November – 8 December 2014.

Product and retailer data based on MyUS total member activity 28 Nov - 8 Dec, 2014.


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