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Want to Save Money Shipping to Denmark? Get the Facts!

Need to ship from US stores to Denmark? Learn the facts on how to save money with these easy fixes!

Save money on shipping to Denmark with these tips

Fact: US stores don't always offer the lowest price on worldwide shipping.

A package from Amazon- 

Lowest shipping rate: $96.79

Fix: MyUS has the lowest rates in the industry! 

A package from Amazon shipped with MyUS -

Lowest shipping rate: $68.95!

Fact: Shipping directly from multiple stores is EXPENSIVE.

Packages from Nordstrom & Anthropologie = $90.24

Fix: MyUS bundles your packages together to save you BIG on shipping! 

Total delivery cost to Denmark with MyUS: $33.97!

Save up to 80% when MyUS bundles your packages for FREE.

Fact: Just because you can purchase it, doesn't mean it will be DELIVERED

"Dangerous goods" such as aerosol spray cans, batteries, and makeup setting spray can get held up in customs, and may never be delivered.

Fix: The MyUS compliance experts make sure your goods are delivered to your international doorstep. 

Fact: Many US stores don't deliver to Denmark.

Stores that won't deliver to DK: WalmartBath&Body Works6pm, Zappos, GNCWalgreens, Kohl's, Funko

Fix: MyUS lets you shop these stores and thousands more with delivery to Denmark!

There IS a better way to get everything you love from the U.S.!

Sign up online and start shipping today! 



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