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Whether you’re planting a large vegetable garden or filling containers for your patio and indoor plants, the right tools and gear can make every step easier.

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Garden Tool 3 Piece Set $16.99

Silver trowel, transplant trowel and cultivating rake with green and black handles

The most basic set for any gardener is a trowel, transplant trowel, and cultivator hand rake—and that's exactly what you get with this Garden Tool 3 Piece Set from Zuzuan. Each piece is made of polished heavy-duty aluminum alloy and features ergonomically designed handles made of high-quality TPR rubber to prevent wrist fatigue. And as an added bonus, the transplant trowel has two standard units of scale (inches and centimeters) that makes it quick and easy to make sure you are planting at the right depth.

"They are sturdy and will last for years. Very pleased with this purchase for my gardening needs." says Deborah P. in her product review. 

Stainless Steel Hoe and Cultivator $13.95

Stainless steel hoe and cultivator combo with gray and green handle

Break up dirt, weed, and hand till with ease with this Stainless Steel Hoe and Cultivator from Edward Tools. It has an ergonomic soft-grip rubber handle for comfort and grip and a strong stainless steel body that makes quick work of even rocky or compacted dirt.

"I had high hopes for this tool and for me its the most serious gardening tool I have ever bought myself. No more will I buy wimpy hand shovels that bend in the dirt. Oh no, this guy means business. I really enjoyed using it." says Lisa Williams in her five-star review.

Hand Weeder Tool $14.95

Stainless steel hand weeder tool with orange and black ergonomic handle

Remove dandelions, thistles, and other invasive weeds quickly with this sturdy Hand Weeder Tool from Ganchun. It has a rust-resistant, one-piece aluminum shaft that's strong enough to pull large weeds and an ergonomic handle that's ideal for gardeners that have difficulty holding small or narrow handles.

"My new flower bed is home to way too many weeds. I pull them when I can, but some of the roots are too deep to pull by hand. This tool works perfectly to get under the roots and pull the weeds easily." says MoMo in their product review. 


gonicc 8" Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears $29.95

Black titanium pruning shears with gold blade and orange detailing

Growing strong, sturdy plants and flowers requires pruning back overgrowth and deadheading, making a good pair of pruning shears essential. gonicc's 8" Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears are ergonomically shaped for comfort and have non-slip grips for easy handling. Most importantly, they can cut up to 3/4" diameter size tree branches and have a sap groove design that prevents them from sticking shut. 

"I loathe BS reviews. Here's the TRUTH: These are the BEST!!!! Over the years I've likely used a half-dozen brands, from cheap to expensive, bought at Home Depot to high-end online sellers. While other expensive shears worked, NONE compare to the overall experience with thes GONICC pruning shears / clippers. First and foremost, they CUT smoothly and effortlessly on really tough hard branches; second, they are lightweight and comfortable; third, they make a CLEAN cut. These are my top 3 priorities. After buying 1 pair, and trying it out, I went back online and bought 4 more pair!" says Corkee Bee in their product review. 

Bamboo Working Gloves $13.97

Bamboo working gloves in green with dark green grips

Protect your hands as you garden without losing finger sensitivity with these Bamboo Working Gloves from Pine Tree Tools. They're made from breathable bamboo to absorb perspiration and stay breathable, fit like a second skin, and are touchscreen-friendly, so you can respond to texts or look up gardening tips without taking them off! Available in unisex sizes of small through XX-large.

"Snug fit, very dextrous, feel very protected from wet soil and yard debris (probably not thorns--haven't pushed it). Really love these gloves for gardening and even for light construction (sanding wood). Grip is really good and helps me get my hands 'dirty' when I don't really feel like it. No need for a nail brush after gardening with these gloves." says Delayed Gratification in their five star review.

Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves $15.98

Long sleeve gardening gloves in green with gray and black palms

If your gardening includes roses, cactus, or other sharp, thorny plants, you'll need a pair of long gardening gloves that can protect both your hands and your arms. These Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves from Megawodar are our top pick. They have thorn-proof and puncture-resistant padded palms and reinforced fingertips, elbow-length gauntlet cuffs for arm protection, and are made from premium oxford fabric and artificial leather, so they're vegan-friendly too!

"I have been looking for a pair of good quality garden gloves and I finally found one that's functional as well as beautiful. These gloves are better than what I expected. Finally I'm able transplant my dragon fruit and cactus plants without fear of getting jabbed by thorns. The long thick sleeves cover my arms up to my elbow and fingertips and palm reinforced with a type of vinyl over the suede.Only problem is that they are so beautiful that I don't want to dirty them up. Lol." says Karen G. in her five-star review. 

Gardening Knee Pads $11.95

Two pairs of black knee pads made from EVA foam cushion

Save your knees from hours of planting, weeding, and pruning with Gardening Knee Pads from Tomorotec. They come in a set of two and are lightweight, waterproof, and fully adjustable with soft EVA foam cushioning. Use them in the garden, while cleaning, or anytime you'll be kneeling for long periods. Trust us, they are worth the investment.

"Since I got it I've spent around 2 weeks digging out 4 old tree and shrub roots, planting new trees in their place and planting flowers in my garden. Lots of time on my 70+ year old knees. One of the best things I ever bought." says Onthe Banks in his five-star review. 

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