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How to Enter Your Payment, Shipping and Billing Details When Shopping the USA

Many of our customers ask what billing address to use when shopping with USA merchants. By entering your own address as the billing address, and using your MyUS suite as the shipping address, you can successfully shop almost any merchant in the USA.

Merchant websites typically ask for two addresses during the checkout process: A shipping address and a billing address. Always use your MyUS suite for the shipping address.

For the billing address, though, it is important that you use the address your credit card company has on file. When processing your credit card payment, merchants verify that the billing address you entered matches the billing address on file with the credit card issuer. If the addresses do not match, they may decline the transaction or ask for another form of payment.

When merchants ask for a telephone number, you should also supply your own international telephone number. Merchants may use this number to contact you if they have a question about your order, so it is important that they be able to reach you by telephone to avoid delays.

If you have any other questions about how shopping and shipping internationally works, please do no hesitate to reach out to your account representative. 

Having Trouble Shopping US Stores? Try Our Personal Shopper Service!

If a merchant does not accept your international credit card, the MyUS Personal Shopper service can help you get the items you want!

As a MyUS member, you can simply log in to your Inbox, click Personal Shopper, and provide the website address of the item you want to purchase. Our Personal Shoppers will complete the transaction on your behalf, and we will export the merchandise to your international address.

Using the proper payment information can make it easy to shop the USA, and MyUS makes getting your USA purchases as easy as possible. 



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