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Model Kits That Will Take Your Hobby to Another Level

Those who are involved in model building know that this hobby requires a lot of time and effort to get everything just right, but the end results are always worth it in the end. 

When starting out, model builders might get overwhelmed by all the supplies and parts they need. If you’re just starting to get into this hobby, of just want something simple to jump right into, kits are a great way to do so! You can shop for any specific models of vehicles, robots, rockets, or even Star Wars spaceships to build, thanks to the wide access with MyUS. 

Below are just a few of the range of models you can get started with! Assemble away knowing you’ve saved on US sales tax and can always shop for any other kits using MyUS to ship internationally!

Revell Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Easy-Click Model Kit $22.54

White Revell Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Easy Click Plastic Model Kit shown assembled with packaging

No matter if you’re a die-hard fan of the Star Wars franchise or not, you’re probably familiar with the fact that this type of kit is always in high demand. Everyone aged 7-77 can equally enjoy having the Revell Star Wars X-Wing Fighter in their collection, and the best part is that this kit is very affordable and easy to put together for beginners. For the newer movie version, also check out Poe’s X-Wing Fighter!

Madmax5 says: “These are fantastic little kits, easy to make and fun to paint. Everything you need in a bag, easy to carry and easy to store. The model inside is the same as the one in the box but it's a pound cheaper, which allows you a bit more money for paints. The kit has great detail, and with a large kit makes a great diorama. A must for all star wars model makers.”

AMT 1963 Chevy Corvette $20.99

Packaging for a brown Stingray 1963 Chevy Corvette Model Kit

Cars, especially older, vintage models, are another popular item for model kit makers and collectors. This gorgeous brown 1963 Chevy Corvette comes in 1:32 scale and you can add your own details with paint and cement. This kit is quite easy to assemble but it can still keep you entertained for hours as you’ll be adding a ton of details.

“Great kit - arrived on time and in great condition. Will definitely shop here again!” says an anonymous Amazon customer.

Trumpeter Kriegslokomotive $165

Assembled Blue and White Trumpeter 1/35 BR 52 Kriegslokomotive train model kit

For the train and history lovers, we recommend this model kit that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. This is not just a regular train. The Kriegslokomotive is a piece of history. There is plenty of space for details as this beauty comes in a 1:35 scale, but it is also quite compact and easy to move around.

A buyer, Daniel Stephenson, gave this product 5 stars and said: “Once again a great model from Trumpeter. Instructions are nice and clear and easy to identify the smaller parts within this build. With a lot of smaller and in general parts to this model it's a great thing. Builds to a nice highly detail model and the included photo-etch is also a nice touch. Can be a little fiddly at stages. But highly recommended.”

A360 Architectural Scale Model Building Kit $389

610 Piece Arckit 360 Square Meter Architect Modern Building Kit shown assembled and with packaging

Moving on to something more complex, the chic and modern Arckit 360 Model Building contains over 610 pieces that you’ll have to assemble to see the model in all its glory. And it actually gets better! You can unleash your creativity with this kit as each component can be used in different ways. Truly worth your money, especially if you’re an aspiring architect or a creative collector.

Mark K. is actually using this kit to solve real-life problems! “I use the kits as a part of our DaVinci Innovation Workshops in economically challenged neighborhoods and find them to be a key part of learning to think and create solutions to community issues. Great product.” he states in his review.

Metal Earth Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet $16.95

Gold Fascinations Metal Earth Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet 3D Model Kit

A definite must-have for all Marvel fans, and it comes at a very affordable price too! Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet is one of the most recognizable and sought-after collectibles! This model kit does not require a lot of additional assembling materials like glue or wires. In fact, you have everything you need in the box and the rest is up to your metal bending skills and patience. The pieces come in a flat metal sheet, with each panel punched and laser-cut.  Carefully pop them out and assemble to see the shining gold gauntlet come to life—but this time without the powerful life-destruction abilities! 

“Easy to assemble (for this difficulty) with some extra parts in case one makes a mistake. Instructions are very clear. Perfect for my display!” Zoryana S. shares her experience.

Nakajima Ki-84 Type 4 Japanese Fighter Plane $49.99

Box art for Limited Edition Nakajima Ki84 Type 4 Hayate Japanese Fighter

Warplanes, especially older ones like the Nakajima Ki-84, are collected by many model-kit hobbyists as they can be very valuable. Each plane model is carefully crafted to withstand as many obstacles and damage as possible, and the Nakajima was considered the best Japanese fighter plane during WWII. This kit is scaled 1:48 and you’ll need to additionally purchase cement and paint to assemble it.

“Up to Hasegawa standards. Great for an older kit.” claims Allan F.

Armourfast 1/72 M18 Hellcat Model Kit $11.99

Packaging for Armourfast 1/72 Scale M18 Hellcat Model Kit

Wartime collectibles are undoubtedly on top of the list when it comes to model kits, and the American M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer is known among collectors for its use during WWII, as well as the Korean and Yugoslav wars. 

This 1:72 scale model kit does not only make for a great addition to your collectibles, but you’ll also receive two models in the kit!

“Simple but effective model. Great for wargaming.” writes Phil Jackson.

Tamiya Honda CB750 Motorcycle Kit $26.05

Honda Cb750f Model Kit by Tamiya show assembled

Finally, something for the motorcycle lovers! The Honda CB750 is a classic sports bike that was discontinued in 2003 after having gone through a lot of changes since it was first made in 1969. However, it remains a classic motorcycle that is in high demand in real size as much as it is as a collectible item. This bike model is very customizable, so you can rest assured that it will meet your requirements in every aspect.

Pete Long is satisfied with his purchase, saying: “Taking a lot of time to make and paint as I go on this kit as it is so detailed, a great fun build.”

Shop these model building kits and more, with MyUS’s all-access to US and UK stores! Shop and ship to your international craft table today.

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