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Adorable Stuffed Animals Kids Can't Resist

Remember your favorite childhood plushy that you couldn’t leave home without? We all had that one comfort toy that we took everywhere with us. If you have children, nieces/nephews, younger siblings, or if you’re simply nostalgic for a cute, little stuffed animal toy, MyUS is at your service with a list of our favorites in this category that are sure to please all children around the world with international shipping to 220+ countries!

Tee Turtle’s Reversible Octopus Plushie $15

Snowflake and Cloud Reversible Octopus Plushie from Tee Turtle

You’ve probably seen the two-sided Reversible Octopus Plushie from Tee Turtle on Instagram or TikTok. It’s an adorable octopus that can be flipped inside-out thanks to its unique Reversible Plushie design that Tee Turtle patented, and it is said to be an excellent stress-relief toy. The octopus might be the original toy (and it’s available in 34 different color combinations!), but now they also offer pandas, unicorns, cats, dogs, etc. Go get yours while they’re in stock!

I bought this for my daughter who absolutely adores this little octopus. She prefers the "grumpy" side which is just as cute as the happy side. It's easy to turn inside out and keeps its shape. Also, I was happily surprised it is larger than I thought. Definitely worth 5 stars!” writes EmilyT.

Hide-and-Seek Bunnies in Carrot Pouch $19.59

White Hide-and-Seek Bunnies in Orange Carrot Pouch with Zipper

This is a small 7-inch zippered carrot pouch that comes with an even cuter surprise inside—three white bunnies! So, the Hide-and-Seek Bunnies in Carrot Pouch is basically a stuffed plushy itself (a carrot that is stuffed with bunnies)! This is a high-quality handcrafted toy made of hand-woven cotton and your kids can take it anywhere with them because of its compact size.

The sweetest little toy to keep a toddler busy. Perfect for in the car, restaurants, or church! Lots of imaginative play happening with these little bunnies!” says Meredith K’s review.

7-inch Pet Bean Plush Unicorn $7

White and Purple Just Play Barbie 7-inch Pet Bean Plush Unicorn

This is the perfect stuffed toy for preschool children because it’s small and almost as adorable as they are. Children of preschool age adore unicorns (we do, too!) and the 7-inch Pet Bean Plush Unicorn will unleash their fantasy and they’ll play with their new friend all day long. These beanbag plushies come with an accessory that is unique for them only, so this makes them great collectibles, too!

“Such a cute little unicorn. It is very soft and cuddly. The glittery eyes are adorable. My daughter loved it. She loves the rainbow details on her ears. She takes it with her everywhere she goes and she never stops talking about it!” exclaims Theta05.

Elephant Lullaby Pal $40

Gray Light-Up Musical Elephant Lullaby Pal

Make some room because your kids’ new favorite toy is here. Soothe your youngest ones with a lullaby coming from their new plushy best friend, the Elephant Lullaby Pal. It’s a light-up toy with 5 different songs on it, and it’s very easy to operate—just press the Power On/Off button placed on the toy’s leg! It’s soft, cuddly, and it will help your younglings fall asleep faster, what more could one want from a toy?

Very soft and musical. Clear sound and soft lights.” writes Stephanie G in her review.

Care Bears 14" Plush Toy $13.99

Pink 14” Care Bear with Rainbow Tummy Badge

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you are aware of the impact the Care Bears had on our childhoods and how we could hardly wait to watch them on TV. Now it’s time to awaken that love within the younger generations, and the sweet Care Bears 14" Plush Toy can do just that! They’re made of soft material which makes them extremely huggable, and come with a unique rainbow badge that’s a symbol of hope and happiness.

My daughter loves snuggling with her care bear. She likes the designs on its belly. The size is perfect for her, as she is 7 years old. It's well made and the stuffing inside is soft, but belly is firm.” reviews DarlaW.

Recordable Plush Talking Teddy Bear $29

Brown Personal Recordable Plush Talking Teddy Bear 15”

Make and keep precious memories with the Recordable Plush Talking Teddy Bear. At 15 inches tall, it’s a teddy that’s big enough to be everyone’s favorite snuggle toy, but that’s not even the best part about it! The teddy bear has an easily removable, recordable voice module that gives you the opportunity to record songs and stories from your child’s favorite shows or you can sing/read them yourself.

“I used this as a gift for my mother after her mother passed away. The bear is really soft and well-made and the recorder module performs as expected. She hugs it often and can hear her mother's voice daily. I highly recommend this product to someone looking for a very personal and unique gift.” says Brian, calling it a great gift idea.

Amigos Llama $24

Pink and Yellow Amigos Llama

If you’re looking for a more unique stuffed toy that isn’t a bear or a dog, look no further because the Amigos Llama will catch your (and your child’s) eye immediately. It’s a cool, pink 14.25” L x 5” W x 13” H llama with bright-yellow legs and a tricolored necklace, and it will undoubtedly become the child’s favorite toy to snuggle and play with.

I bought the llama for my little one for Christmas, it’s super soft and bright which catches her attention, it’s also well-made and withstand her pulling at it.” comments Whit.

Hopefully, you were able to find a soft, plush toy that your child wants. No matter the choice, you can count on MyUS to deliver it to your international doorstep at affordable shipping prices!

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