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Stuffed Animals All Children Will Love

Surprise the children in your life with plush toys they will love! 

Check out our favorite stuffed animals from US websites below, and ship your favorites overseas with MyUS. And remember, when you ship US websites with MyUS, you’ll pay no US sales tax!

The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie $15

A TeeTurtle Original Reversible Octopus Plushie that flips inside-out from a yellow happy face or a red angry face

This Reversible Octopus Plushie is an ideal gift for shy children and sea creature fanatics. Your children can easily flip between happy or grumpy octopus to convey their current mood. It’s cute, cuddly, and compact. 

“I bought this for my daughter who absolutely adores this little octopus. She prefers the "grumpy" side which is just as cute as the happy side. It's easy to turn inside out and keeps it's shape. Also, I was happily surprised it is larger than I thought. Definitely worth 5 stars!” says EmilyT. 

Furry Friends Peek-a-Boo Unicorn Plush $24.97

A Furry Friends Animated Peek-a-Boo Unicorn Plush with white fur, a gold horn, and pink hair, hooves, and satin-trimmed blanket

Teach your child how to play Peek-a-Boo with this interactive Unicorn Plush Toy. It greets, delights, and invites your child to play along at the press of a button. This toy combines the softness of stuffed animals with the classic game all infants love. 

“This is a fantastic purchase! A baby's best friend. If you play peekaboo with your baby they will love this because it plays peekaboo with them it is just adorable and fun” Jill states. 

Baby Gund ‘My First Teddy’ Stuffed Bear $15

A light blue Baby Gund ‘My First Teddy’ Stuffed Bear with satin bow

Children love teddy bears. If you’re looking for a last minute gift for holidays, birthdays, and baby showers, this beautiful classic 'My First Teddy' Stuffed Bear is the go-to toy. Choose between blue and pink for boys and girls. 

“Purchased this for a gift for a new baby girl. It’s a perfect size and made extremely well. You won’t be disappointed if you buy one of these!” Lexigrandma raves.

Melissa & Doug® Sunny Yellow Lab Puppy Dog Stuffed Animal $14.99

A Melissa & Doug Sunny Yellow Lab Puppy Dog Stuffed Animal with a red ascot

This Yellow Lab Stuffed Animal is sure to please any child that asks for a puppy from mom and dad. Children will take them wherever they go, from bed to kitchen and school to grandma's. It's a great way to teach them to be responsible for this “puppy” until they are ready to take care of the real thing!

“My daughter loves this stuffed animal. She calls him her 'puppy' and he goes with her everywhere. She loves to cuddle with him at night and can't sleep without him.” Kathy comments.

Pillow Pets Blue Dinosaur Stuffed Animal Plush Toy $26.99

A blue Pillow Pets Stuffed Animal Plush Triceratops with brown and tan frill, spots, claws, and horns

Transform any child’s house into a prehistoric jungle with a mighty Stuffed Triceratops. It serves as both a dinosaur toy and a wide, comfortable pillow once unclipped. It’s the ideal gift for dinosaur lovers and children with wild imaginations!

“I bought this for my grandson’s third birthday who is fascinated with dinosaurs and he just loves it!!!” Cindy exclaims. 

Lovely Animal Sheep Plush Toys Set $19.99

One white FRANKIEZHOU Sheep Plush Toys in the sitting position

Help your children count sheep before bedtime with this 3 Piece Sheep Plush Toys Set. Each of these soft and cuddly sheep come in different poses such as sitting, standing, and kneeling. These soft and cuddly sheep come in a variety of colors such as white, black, and grey. 

“I bought this as a birthday gift for my 4 year old niece. She loved the soft feel and small size. They quickly got named and carried around for the rest of the day.” Bill Durning states in his his five-star review.

Betheaces Aurora World Plush Lion $19.99

A 14” Betheaces Aurora World Plush Lion with light tan fur and golden brown mane

Inspire your children to be like the King of the Jungle with this 14” Plush Lion! This animal is loved by all children around the world. Its soft and fuzzy fur makes it close to the real thing! Also, it helps children easily identify animals when they go to the zoo. 

“This sweet lion is my daughter's favorite. He has to be in her bed every night or there is a full meltdown. He's big enough to be substantial, but small enough that she can wrap her little arm around him and snuggle up. Super soft and super cute. I may have to order more as backups just in case!” Sarah Ford explains.

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