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Money Containers & Cards for Your Eidee

Money is a regular gift during festive holidays like Eid or Diwali. Celebrate and gift with ease using stylish and decorative money containers and envelopes that friends, family, and children will love!

Here’s a collection of our favorite Eidee (money gifts) envelopes and holders from US websites down below. After you found your perfect containers, ship them all over the world, and pay no US sales tax with MyUS!

Shagun Gift Envelope Pack $8.95

An arrangement of ten PARTH IMPEX Store Shagun Gift Envelopes in pink, green, gold, brown, beige, purple, orange, and lime green colors with silver and gold foil stamping art

Celebrate Ramadan and other festive occasions with this pack of gift envelopes. They’re sturdy enough to contain money, invitations, and gift cards. With royal colors and silver and gold foil stamping art, all recipients will receive a unique and distinct gift experience. Hand them out during dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, and much more! 

“These envelopes provide a perfect and festive way to gift cash or gift cards to my relatives. They are colorful and sturdy - they stand out from the usual. I love using them as gifts for my grandkids.” Rindy comments.

Brocade Money Envelopes $15.99

Four Desi Favors Store Shagun Brocade Money Envelopes with red, pink, yellow, and green colors with gold trim accents and bandhini print

Handcrafted with raw silk fabrics and stylish bandhini print, this pack of Brocade Money Envelopes features an appealing assortment perfect for any celebration throughout Ramadan. Their lightweight and slim design offer a secure enclosure for money and gift cards. 

“Love this money envelope! Great quality, looks fancy, good for parties! The colors are so pretty!!!!” Binu raves.

Personalized Cash Lotus Gift Envelopes $10+

Four JeijabooDesigns Personalized Indian Cash Lotus Gift Envelopes with silver, blue, teal, green, and purple colors

Adults and children will want to keep these Personalized Lotus Envelopes through the holidays! Their four colors and silver glittery lotus print offer a lavish and gorgeous look. You can also add your name and greetings to the cards for a more personalized, thoughtful offering. 

“So cute! The colors are absolutely perfect for Diwali. My girls are going to love it.” Amanda Vandenbark Wall says.

Shagun Individual Envelope $2.99

Five Loventouchhandicraft Shagun Envelopes that come in Red, Magenta, Orange, Yellow, and Beige colors with gold print art

Whether you need a couple for your kids or dozens for your friends and family, slip your money into these Shagun Envelopes. They come in the prominent colors associated with Ramadan and intricate scalloped golden detailed finishes. These envelopes make your gifts extra special!

“The Shagun envelopes are absolutely stunning! The paper is thick and the colors are rich and vibrant. The design is embossed in gold foil which really makes it stand out. They look even better than the photos. Everyone loved them and couldn't stop raving about them. Truly a huge hit!” says Sapna Sharma.

Shagan Envelope Set $15

Three HandmadeTraditions Handmade Money Holder Shagan Envelopes that come in blue, red, and yellow colors with red and silver braids and red tassels

Made with handmade paper and embellished with silver and red fancy braid, these Shagan Envelopes are simple, yet elegant money containers. They are the ideal gift envelopes for special occasions and the attached tassel allows you to secure your cash gifts.

“The envelopes are very pretty in person. I love them. The most thing I like about it was these are hand made and that puts a personal touch. Thank you for that!” states Mamta Desai.

Desi Favors Decorative Paper Envelopes $17.99

Ten Desi Favors Decorative Handmade Paper Envelopes with brown, green, pink, orange, and blue colors with string, flower, and bow decorations

Make your cash gifts look extra special with these Decorative Paper Envelopes from Desi Favors. This set comes with ten lightweight stock paper cards with an assortment of vibrant colors and cute decorations. 

“I love these.. they are so beautiful and very well made. I was tired of buying greeting cards for every occasion just to put some cash in, not to forget cards could be costly. This is a very good idea to gift cash. Price is very reasonable too. Definitely recommend it!!” Ray raves. 

Happy Diwali Money Envelope Set $31.99

A yellow and blue Amscan Happy Diwali Money Envelope with green, purple, red, orange, and yellow floral print and candlelight details

Brighten up someone’s day with this Happy Diwali Money Envelope. These colorful paper envelopes feature a “Happy Diwali!” headline with Diya images and a rangoli-patterned background. Give them out and share joy, peace, and prosperity during this momentous occasion. 

“Loved the design! I will be sure to order more next year!” says Pradeep in their five-star review.

Hallmark Diwali Cards $5.99

Six Hallmark Diwali Cards and Orange Envelopes

Send everyone on your list a wonderful Diwali with these Hallmark Cards. Each card comes with a heartfelt message that brightens anyone’s day. There’s plenty of room to write a personal message to friends and family that live near and far.

“Great cards! Simple, but vibrant colors! Envelope was good quality- thick enough so card did not show through. Loved that is was in a 6 pack. Allowed me to send multiple cards at a reasonable price.” Isha says.

Shop money cards and envelopes from US stores and ship worldwide and US sales-tax-free when you become a MyUS member. 

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