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MyUS Celebrates South African National Women's Day

Every year, on the 9th of August, South Africans celebrate a major event: National Women’s Day. This public holiday is a historical day; it’s a commemoration of the South African women who stood together to fight against laws that affected all people of color living in South Africa. 

The 1956 Women’s March in Pretoria was one of the biggest demonstrations in the country’s history, which saw thousands of women marching to petition against legislation that required African persons to carry the ‘pass’. Pass laws were a type of internal passport system used to segregate people, manage urbanization, and distribute migrant labor. 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on August 9, 1956, to protest against the planned modifications to the act. 

The term has come to signify women's courage and strength in South Africa in the 65 years since the events of 1956. The stereotype of women being politically inept and immature, tied to the home was once again proven to be inaccurate. In 1995, National Women's Day was declared a national holiday for the first time. 

August has been declared as Women's Month, with numerous government-sponsored activities including a trade fair for women's crafts and a seminar on labor issues.

At MyUS we celebrate the South African National Women’s Day and support the struggle for a better world for everyone. For over 20 years, MyUS has been providing a simple and reliable way to shop online and deliver goods worldwide, but at the same time, we’ve been committed to positively influencing the communities where we work and live, as well as the global community. Through our financial support and volunteer activities, we hope to help improve the lives of those in need and contribute to making the world a healthier, safer place.

To honor National Women’s Day in South Africa, we’ve decided to present you with some empowering women-owned American businesses. 

Check out these diverse, inclusive, and inspiring companies knowing that as a MyUS member, you can easily have a product shipped to you internationally


Orange and pink bottles of Briogeo Superfoods shampoo and conditioner; white tube of Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Mask with product squeezed out; Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment in a glass dropper bottle

Briogeo is inspired by New York City's vibrant culture and core values, which reflect an appreciation for individuality, positivity, and transparency. After moving to New York City, the founder of the company, Nancy Twine, realized that the natural hair care on the market simply did not live up to its performance claims. She decided to start her own company relying on her grandmother’s homemade hair care recipes. Briogeo takes it back to basics, offering a high-performance, hair care collection that is naturally based, yet performance-driven to provide visible results. Their texture-specific products offer something for everyone—from repair to volume, to curl care. Briogeo formulas are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan. The brand prides itself on being 6-free hair care; meaning their formulas are free of harsh sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and synthetic color.

Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place Bronzed collection set in a red box with company logo and two side portraits of women artistically patterned with different layers

Juvia’s Place was established when the founder, Chichi Eburu, struggled to find make-up suited for her deep tone. She searched for years to find cosmetics that would enhance the dark hues of her skin tone, make-up that offered colors that weren’t muted against her rich color, but what she found didn’t work for her. So, Eburu decided to start a company that celebrates customers that come from all walks of life. Inspired by the rebels, rulers, and queens of the African kingdoms who honored beauty through their innovative and soulful techniques that we still use today, Juvia’s Place believes in inclusive beauty. And we believe in them. 

Camille Rose

The Camille Rose logo with the slogan “The Recipe for Beauty”, at back a side portrait woman silhouette is visible

Camille Rose is another inspiring woman-owned company and has become an iconic trendsetter. The founder, Janell Stephens is a "mompreneur" who created each handmade product under the mantra that whatever you put on your body should be good enough to put in it. The Camille Rose company mission is to produce a line of high-end, gourmet, ingredient-inspired hair and body products that offer clean living beauty solutions to a sophisticated consumer base. Recently, they initiated a multi-layered sustainability campaign, “One Step Matters” to develop a sustainability plan that sets attainable and accessible goals for the brand in hopes to act as an example for other small black-owned businesses to also take the small yet pivotal steps to a sustainable future. The movement also aims to spark conversation surrounding the issue of diversity within the sustainability community and create dialogue surrounding the complicated reality of often diluted conversations of race, equity, and sustainability.

We wish you a good celebration of the South African National Women’s Day. Support women-owned businesses that deal with urgent social and ecological challenges, promote more sustainable consumption, and protect the planet for a better tomorrow. At MyUS we are happy to see the rising number of companies that are committed to inclusion, sustainability, and individuality; our mission is to connect you with them by providing efficient and reliable worldwide shipping.

We always aim to bring our members the best shopping options available, but some of the products featured in this post may have purchase restrictions. To find more information, please visit the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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