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Radical Skateboards

Skateboards offer endless hours of fun activity and exercise. With so many colors and designs there's gotta be one to match your personality. Perfect for adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts alike, live on the edge and impress your friends and family by mastering popular skate tricks today!

Start skating on the below go-to skateboards from popular US retailers, and zip through with fast shipping and no US sales tax when shipped with MyUS! 

Santa Cruz Skateboards Complete Flame Dot Red $101.83

A 8.25” x 31.5” Santa Cruz Complete Skateboard with Flame Dot Red graphics, the Santa Cruz logo in flame letters, and black rubber wheels

From the manufacturers of quality brand skateboards for over forty years, hop onto this one-of-a-kind Santa Cruz Skateboard. With a super strong ply construction, smooth rubber wheels, and a wide 8.25" x 31.5" deck, beginners can ride comfortably through obstacles.

“My nine year old and loved this! I would recommend it for little kids as well as teenagers.” Kimberly Doran writes.

Flybar Plastic Cruiser Board $29.99

A mint green 22” x 6” Flybar Plastic Cruiser Board with aluminum trucks and white polyurethane wheels

Whether you are going to school or the skatepark, this Flybar Plastic Cruiser is perfect for all ages. Its flexible plastic 22-inch frame and soft polyurethane wheels make it easy to maneuver tight turns and pull off tricks without throwing off your balance. 

“Love it!, I am so excited to keep practicing. It does move pretty fast. I fell off once but I really recommend it.” Leslie comments.

Santa Cruz Floral Decay 7.75" Skateboard Complete $99.95

White Santa Cruz FLoral Decay skateboard deck with purple wheels and silver trucks

Ready to shred in style? This Santa Cruz Floral Decay Complete Skateboard comes ready-to-ride with a floral skulls and roses graphic across the bottom of the deck. Featuring a double kicktail, ABEC-3 bearings, 90A bushings and 52mm 95A wheels, this 30-inch board will give you the confidence at the skatepark! 

"What an amazing experience with! I was able to get my daughter her first skateboard, and it was everything we could have hoped for" says Brent Peevyhouse in his online review.

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard $76.49

A Quest Super Cruiser Yellow Wood Longboard with contrasting black stripes and a Quest logo on the deck, black trucks, and red rubber wheels

Conquer all downhill races and obstacles with this Quest Longboard. Made with artisan bamboo at 44 inches, there’s enough space to keep your feet planted and secure for lengthy commutes. The 70 mm x 51 mm Transparent Stone Ground Wheels to help absorb bumps along your path. Impress people while you move with its eye-catching combination of black, yellow, and red colors. 

“Good quality longboard. Wood material is strong. Wheels are large and roll easily. Used on the asphalt street with no problem. Design isn't overwhelming. Teenagers love it!” says Laura C.  

Zero Single Skull Complete Skateboard $109.95

Zero Single Skull Complete Skateboard in Skull Stencil Blue with blue skulls on deck and white wheels with black skulls around diameter

Be the coolest on the street with the Single Skull Complete Skateboard from Zero! This 7.75" complete medium-concave skateboard is suited for all levels of skill, and comes with matching white and black skull small diameter 52mm wheels to make it easier to master those tricks at the park. 

"I bought it for my partner for Christmas, he loves skating and is delighted with his new board :)" Jennifer Egan

Penny Rise 22" 

Magenta purple plastic Penny Australia 22" plastic skateboard in Rise with yellow and pink colorblock and wheels

Prefer to ride with fun colors on the OG plastic board? Try out Penny Australia's Rise 22", inspired by the 4 wheeled vessels of freedom from the 1970's and 1980's. With mismatched yellow and pink wheels, a color-block graphic on the bottom, soft smooth-sailing Penny Wheels, and aluminum 3-inch trucks, this flexible and lightweight board is guaranteed last for many great rides.

"These boards are made amazing and last best buy for the money: I’ve had my penny board for years now and I’m just getting my collection started since some exclusive boards have been coming out these are amazing thanks" says a very excited Alex C.

Razor RipStik Caster Board Classic $89.99

A man in jeans and sneakers performing a kickflip with blue Razor RipStick Classic Caster Board on a road

With spiked traction pads, kick tail and nose, and concave deck design, this Razor RipStik changes the way you use skateboards. Simply twist your feet along the pivoting deck and the 360-degree caster trucks provide a smooth flow that feels like sliding on snow or water. 

“My kids have put COUNTLESS hours on all of their ripstiks. This is such a great product. Durable and strong, it teaches coordination and balance. The time my children have spent chasing, racing, and just simply riding around on our concrete patio/court has paid for this product OVER AND OVER!” Travis raves.

Chillafish Skatieskootie 2-in-1 Skateboard and Scooter $59.99

A black Chillafish Skatieskootie 2-in-1 Skateboard and Scooter with black and blue attachable handlebar, a red back, blue trucks, and black rubber wheels

Get kids started safely with this 2-in-1 Skateboard and Scooter for ages 3-12 years. They can decorate and customize the board with the three interchangeable deck plates and tails included! When you’re ready to move on to skateboarding, simply detach the handlebar. 

“This is great, my 4 yo grandson loves it. Super easy to switch from scooter to skateboard.” Liz714 comments.

Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard $249.99

A black Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard with the word Voyager on the upper top of the board

If you’re tired of manually kicking off and pushing with your feet, this Electric Skateboard will take you to your next destination without breaking a single sweat. Switching between two speeds (beginner/slow and expert/fast) with the Bluetooth remote,  this board reaches a top speed of 12.5 mph and travels up to 7 miles per charge on its 350-watt brushless motor. Hop on for an easy and comfortable ride! 

“Great little board I'm 78kg and it gets me up minor inclines around 15%. Very light and durable. Had a couple of stacks but no damage to the board” states Oliver in his online review.

Boardless Skateboard $99.99

Man with one foot in each wheel of a pair of green and grey Sharper Image Boardless Skateboards in an urban outdoor area

For veterans and people looking for a challenge, upgrade your skateboarding game with this Boardless Skateboard. The self-propelled wheels help you move in a wave-like motion and balance your feet without relying on a board. Also unlike standard decks, this set of wheels take up way less space when storing or carrying when you're done riding. Skate into the future!

“This will provide tons of entertainment for all ages. It's great for recreation or a good workout, and perfect for those looking to take on a new skill.” Kirt says.

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