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Spectacular Scooters for Stunts and Sports

Are you tired of skateboards and bikes? Why not try a scooter for your next ride! They're sleek, stylish, and comfortable vehicles that don't require motors, but are great to zip around campus or to the park. 

We’ve rounded up some of their best-selling scooters below. Shop their site with MyUS to pay no US sales tax and enjoy fast international shipping.

Razor Carbon Lux Special Edition Kick Scooter $59.98

A red and black Razor Carbon Lux Special Edition Kick Scooter with chrome handle bar

Whether you are riding into work or around the skate park, this Carbon Lux Razor Kick Scooter will have you riding smoothly and looking cool. This scooter is crafted with a textured anti-slip deck that allows you keep your footing as you glide around.

“My 12 year old son loves this scooter. It rides smooth and fast, because of its bigger wheels. As an adult, I can easily ride this as well - it handles perfectly and I am 180lbs. He has another scooter for doing tricks which has smaller wheels which is important for jumps, etc. I would highly recommend this for getting around the city or for long smooth travel and fun. The adjustable handle bar height is nice too.” Robert says.

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter $399.99

A black Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

Accelerate through every obstacle with this Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter. A single charge on this scoot lasts up to 17 miles, with a max speed of 18.6 miles per hour. The front wheel shock absorber reduces vibration for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. This scooter is great for your regular commute and is easy to carry onto a train or bus—unlike a bicycle!

“Super easy to assemble. Super easy to ride. battery goes on for an hour non stop. Little tiny LED strip light is a great accent. Over all the scotty rides super fast just like the details . I am super happy I purchased this one compared to some other similar ones available on Amazon. Love my purchase !!” AZLAM B exclaims.

Razor A Kick Scooter $36.25

A silver Razor A Kick Scooter with green handles and wheels

If you’re looking for a reliable and reasonably priced scooter, this Razor A Kick Scooter is the right one for you! Each classic scooter is made from top quality aluminum and can be easily folded for storage and transport between rides. Choose from six colors to match your style.

“Good quality product. Our daughter loves it and rides it every day, so it's gotten some good use already in the less than a month's time that we've owned the product. It's been ridden outside on the sidewalk and the pavement of the road and the wheels are holding up well under the wear and tear. Would definitely purchase again, especially from this seller.” Jeremy states in his online review.

Radio Flyer Lean n’ Glide Light Up Scooter $39.97 

Red Radio Flyer Lean n’ Glide Light Up Scooter with light up wheels

From the creators of the iconic red wagon, Radio Flyer introduces their Lean n’ Glide Light Up Scooter! It’s a wonderful scooter for young beginners and comes in red, blue, and purple. Ride through the night with these light up wheels sparkling with each glide.

“This has worked really well for my four year old, who is on the tall side. She loves it and it has seen a lot of use in the two weeks that we've owned it. She caught onto balancing, leaning to turn, and using the break with a little practice, and I feel it is a lot safer for her than a two wheeled scooter.” Jenn comments.

Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C3 Wiggle Scooter $144.99

A black and blue Yvolution Swing Y Fliker Carver C3 Wiggle Scooter with two separate foot rests and 3 wheels

This three-wheeled Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C3 Wiggle Scooter is great for stunts, workouts, and tricks! Drift and carve around the neighborhood or skatepark and show off your moves in electric blue and black. 

“My 12yr old daughter loves it!! Worth what I paid for it. It's well put together and safe enough for my 7 yr old daughter to ride. Great size for older kids and adults. Even my husband and I took a spin on it. We had fun with it!!” Michelle states in her five-star review.

Albott Pro Stunt Scooter $59.99

White Albott Pro Stunt Scooter with wide handlebar and black wheels and accents

Get a handle on your scooter ride with this Albott Pro Stunt Scooter. A 360-degree handlebar makes stunts easier for sports enthusiasts and riders will enjoy each turn with its smooth rubber handles. Entry-level and beginner riders will have a wonderful time with this scooter!

“I bought this scooter for my 11yo. He LOVES LOVES it! He had surgery on both his feet in January so his balance is not always there. He feels total control on it and I feel confident he can get back to himself and playing without the risks of falling and injuring himself (not anymore than a normal boy injury)! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PURCHASE!” Allison raves.

Aosom Youth Kick Scooter $104.99+

Aosom Youth Kick Scooter in orange with large rugged wheels and bike handlebars

Spend more time outside with this Aosom Youth Kick Scooter. Enjoy a safe riding experience with a wide, textured anti-slip footdeck, larger diameter slip-resistant wheels, and soft wrapped handlebars.

“This scooter is the perfect size for our kids ages 9-13. It’s very sharp looking and definitely a better fit for older kids than the typical Razor style scooters. The blue color is very bold and the scooter was overall easy to put together.” Candice B. says in their online review.

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