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Reliable Canes and Walking Sticks

Walking canes and sticks are essential tools for those with limited mobility. Whether you’re a senior citizen or are recovering from an injury, a cane can make a big difference for a better walking experience.

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Duro-Med Wooden Walking Cane $17.30

A walnut colored Duro-Med Wooden Wooden Walking Cane with a curved handle and rubber end tip

If you want a simple cane that will get the job done, look no further than a Duro-Med Wooden Walking Cane! With quality wood construction and a walnut gloss finish, you're sure to love how simple and classy it is. Also, the curved handle improves overall comfort on your hand. 

“Exactly what I needed. I broke my foot and needed a cane to ditch the ugly crutches. This cane looks classy and is very sturdy. I had it laser engraved and it looks even cooler. Well worth the price.” T. Hong comments. 

HONEYBULL Walking Cane $19.99

A black HONEYBULL Freestanding, Foldable, Pivot Tip Walking Cane in full mode and folded mode next to a green and white box

Assist yourself with this versatile HONEYBULL Walking Cane. When not in use, this cane folds up into a third of its length and tucks away easily. From wood floors to indoor tiles, the quad-tipped rubber base prevents scratches on your floors and its pivoting ability makes sure each step is a sturdy landing on hills, sidewalks, at the beach, on snow, and up and down stairs. Choose between six vibrant colors.

“I couldn't come up with a better designed cane if I tried. It's light, it's sturdy, it's length is adjustable, it stands up by itself, if it falls over, you can right it back up with your foot. Perfect.” DSR says.

Essential Medical Supply Offset Fashion Cane $12.06

An Essential Medical Supply Offset Fashion Cane with a Ribbed Comfort Handle featuring a blue Ocean Design

For tired, strained and arthritic hands, the Offset Fashion Cane provides a more comfortable grip while you walk. The ribbed foam handle gives you a nice grip and is easy on the hands, while the six color options are easy on the eyes. Also, the reinforced aluminum construction holds up to 300 pounds! 

“Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to adjust the height. The handle grip is cushioned and comfortable to use. You can order a variety of colors.” states Marcia.

Sport Seat Folding Seat/Walking Stick $24.99

A silver Sport Seat Folding Seat/ Walking Stick with a green seat and a green handle

Walk and sit anywhere and anytime with this Sport Seat Walking Stick. If you’re headed to a community sports event or a family BBQ, this walking stick easily transforms into a chair that supports up to 250 pounds. This is great to create a nice rest stop seat if you get tired more easily.

“Great combination for any type of sport where you want to rest awhile and still have the cane for walking.” Amy writes.

Lyptus Wood Walking Stick With Brass Handle $24.74

A Walnut Brown Lyptus Wood Walking Stick with Aesthetic Brass Handle

Featuring a fancy design carved into the brass handle, this Lyptus Wood Walking Stick is a fashionable accessory that provides stability while looking elegant. The designer brass handle combined with a light wooden base makes anyone look sophisticated and classy with their walking assistant device. And if you love the look of the handle, but are not a huge fan of the stick, just twist it off and change out the walking stick to one you like better! 

“Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL addition to my cane collection. I was surprised by its sturdiness, great quality of the brass handle. I have my eye on several other of your canes and can't wait to purchase. As usual your products are always beyond my expectations.” Jannie T raves. 

HurryCane All-Terrain Cane $39.99

A black Aluminum HurryCane All-Terrain Cane with three rubber tips on the bottom

If you need a reliable metal folding cane for all your commute and transport needs, this HurryCane has you covered. As the #1 selling cane in the US, it can support you through any terrain—from snow and ice to dirt and sand. Made with sturdy aluminum alloy, you can immediately feel how extremely strong yet lightweight this cane is compared to other models. 

“My wife bought me two Hurry Canes, one for the home & one for the car. So far it has performed as expected. Light and comfortable on the hand. The folding feature is the icing on the cake. Great product, thanks.” comments crawf51.

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Trekking Pole $19.99

A blue and silver Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Trekking Pole with black rubber handle, strap, and tip

Traverse any setting in style with this Eclipse Trekking Pole from Bass Pro Shops. The rubber-coated contoured handle and adjustable nylon wrist strap secures your grip throughout your journey without tiring out your hands. The built-in Antishock spring system absorbs shocks and impact for extended periods of use. When moving from one terrain to another, simply switch between the carbide steel tip and  trekking basket. 

“I bought this to replace the one I lost, this one is even better than the one I had, much better quality, just what I need for those icy winters here and also when I'm walking the trails.” states Mitz.

HealthSmart Sit-to-Stand Quad Cane $24.99

A black HealthSmart Sit-to-Stand Quad Cane with small, adjustable four-legged base

Add more support and stability with this sleek and adaptable Quad Cane. The small four-footed base covers tight areas and the handles provide a seamless movement when standing or sitting down. The sleek, yet inexpensive cane is pleasing to the eye and the budget. 

“My 91 year old father loves and actually uses this. He really likes it and has grown to depend on it!” Linda says.

The Original Campbell Posture Foldable Walking Cane $29.99

A black The Original Campbell Posture Foldable Walking Cane

Combine high quality trekking sticks with a folding cane and you get this Original Campbell Posture Cane! The ergonomic handle provides an upright walking experience to improve your line of sight while out on your adventures. It can easily support the weight of your body to help you move easier and feel more confident when walking. 

“I was using a conventional cane and my lower back was hurting. Once I switched to the Campbell posture cane, the change in my posture relieved the pressure and pain, simply by adjusting how I was positioned while walking. I would recommend the Campbell cane to anyone who uses a cane on a regular basis.” Keegan Coleman recommends.

Whether you are walking around the house or hiking into the wilderness, any of these canes will keep you balanced and mobile. When you become a MyUS member, you can get your next walking stick in time for your next adventure with our fast international shipping. 

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