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Shop Flash Sales in the US and Save Big

Shopping the USA offers tremendous savings on a wide variety of products, but did you know you can save even more with flash sales? These short, sometimes private sales let you save big on the products and brand you want.

How Flash Sales Work

Here’s how they work: Flash sale websites often buy unsold inventory from large retailers and even directly from manufacturers. Typically, this inventory may include last season’s goods or current models that a manufacturer could not sell.

In some cases, the inventory may also include great new goods for which the manufacturer is trying to raise awareness. Typical flash sales discount the retail price of merchandise by more than half, so you can save if you know where to look.

Because flash sale sites buy the goods at a significant discount, they are able to sell them for much less than you might find on a retail website, or even from a discount chain! You have to shop quickly, though; since flash sale operators only buy a limited a limited quantity, they can sell out very quickly.

When you've found your deals and are checking out, simply enter your MyUS address and suite number at checkout. We'll then receive your flash sale items in our Florida facility, inspect your purchases to make sure they are all correct, consolidate your items into more efficient packaging (to save you on international shipping costs), and ship home to you. 

We ship to nearly every country on the globe, including but certainly not limited to Korea, Israel, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Kenya, Yemen, Qatar, Philippines, Jamaica and Canada

Some Great Flash Sale Sites to Check Out

Where do you find flash sales? Here are a few flash sale sites where you can save right now:

Tanga: Tanga offers dozens of new products every day, sometimes introducing new products throughout the day. Tanga products are typically lower-priced, and a mix of big-name and no-name merchandise. You can typically find items on Tanga that include large electronics, small electronics, t-shirts and costume jewelry.

RueLaLa: One of the most popular flash sale sites with MyUS members, RueLaLa carries a wide array of fashion and name-brand household items. Whether you’re shopping for a plush new comforter or a trendy sweater, you can likely find it at RueLaLa for a low price.

One Kings Lane: Stocked with vintage and one-of-a-kind items, One Kings Lane is an upscale venue where you can truly save. Inventory changes frequently, but you can always find interesting and beautiful items here.

Remember, flash sale sites tend to sell out quickly, so shop often. Some of these sites may require a membership, but membership is typically free.

When you find great deals on flash sites, you can get your finds shipped almost anywhere with Not yet a member? Sign up to start shopping the US today!  



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