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Is the new Windows 8 Laptop for You?

The newest electronics are always popular with our members and we're guessing that many of you will be interested in the new Windows 8 laptop (lots of our members buy computers from the USA and ship home to save tons of money versus buying them in your home country).
Whether you're a Mac or a PC fan, there are some features built in to the new Windows 8 laptop that take electronics to the next level.

Microsoft has already released this hot new operating system, and stores are flooded with curious buyers. Is Windows 8 right for you? Here are a few of the highlights to help you decide:
·         New Start screen to replace a Start menu
·         New online store that can be used to obtain new applications
·         New platform for apps that can provide what developers described as "fast and fluid" experience with emphasis on touchscreen input
·         Additional security features, like built-in antivirus program and secure boot feature
·         Designed to run on devises that utilize the ARM architecture known as Windows RT
·         Integration with online services like Xbox Live for branded games, music and video, as well as Facebook and Flickr
·         Includes Internet Explorer 10 as both a desktop program and a touch-optimized app
·         Hybrid boot with hibernation technology to allow faster startup times
·         Windows Defender to protect children on the internet
Tell us, do you think this new operating system will help Microsoft compete with Mac?


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