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Tales from Customer Service - Saving the Chickens

Editor’s note: this post is part of a series of true stories from Customer Service account managers.

My name is Ginette and I have been an account manager with for four years.  I truly enjoy being a member of the team! Each day is an adventure and an opportunity to meet new people as well as learn something new.

It has been my pleasure to serve our Premium plus Mail account holders during my tenure at MyUS.  In this capacity, I have been entrusted to assist a large number of customers who predate my employment here and many others who have just begun shipping with MyUS.

It has also been my good fortune to really get to know many of my customers in a way that enables me to quickly tailor my service to their unique needs.
A recent unusual customer contact involved a package with fertilized exotic chicken eggs which had not hatched yet.  Regretfully, our couriers are not able to accept shipments with live animals and ship to Australia

Our customer was unaware of this, and he was unable to arrange a return with the seller.  It was his paramount concern that the un-hatched chickens find a good "home.”  Being an animal lover myself--and owner of a corgi dog and two Burmese cats--I wanted to be sure we could do this!  After a number of phone calls in the local area, I was pleased to inform him we found a private individual who was delighted to take them as an addition to her group of exotic chickens.   

Fortunately, we ARE able to ship 99.99% of what arrives here.  If you ever have a question please feel free to ask us before ordering.  We're happy to help (and we also have a list of items that you cannot ship from the USA).

I interact with my customers via email, phone and Live Chat.  Although I do address dozens of inquiries on a daily basis, I take pride in personalizing my customer care.  I service my customers with the same level of care I would like to receive if I were the customer.  It is my feeling that every contact with our customers is of vital importance and should be handled with the utmost of care.   I strongly believe this helps to build mutual respect and trust.  The types of issues I assist with on a daily basis are as varied as my customers who live around the globe.   
About Ginette:
Born and raised in the U.S. state of Connecticut, Ginette graduated from the University of Florida. She is happily married with two children, and loves spending time with her family and pets. In her spare time, Ginette enjoys travel, gardening and fitness activities like yoga, Zumba and hoop dancing.


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