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What Telephone Number to Use When Shopping Online?

We see a lot of questions come through the Customer Service department, and we try to answer each one with personal attention. We have noticed many of our customers asking what phone number to use when ordering with merchants, though, and would like to make sure you have the answer to this question. Customer Service recommends providing your own telephone number when ordering with U.S. merchants. If you provide your own number, even if it is an international number, the merchant can call you should they have any questions about your order. In addition, some merchants may call you to verify your order or to follow up on your purchase, and providing them with a good contact number will help them reach you.

If you have other questions about your membership, you can contact Customer Service via email or through our Live Chat feature. If many of our customers have the same question, we’ll be happy to answer the question in a blog post that you can share with your friends!


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