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MyUS "Unbox The Possibilities" Contest Winners

We received more than 40 entries for our "Unbox the Possibilities" contest where members submitted videos of themselves receiving and unpacking their MyUS packages. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated! 

We're honored that you allowed us into your lives, showing us your homes, beautiful families and adorable dogs as you unwrapped your packages. It was truly a joy for everyone at MyUS to watch your videos, and we were very moved.  Without further ado, here are the winners...

The Winning Video: A Million Thanks to MyUS (Angola)

We are pleased to announce the first-place winner of the contest is Juny from Angola! Congrats--you will be receiving a $300 US Visa gift certificate!

Juny, thank you for your video and for sharing your experience with us. You have a beautiful family and it was so much fun to see your children so excited! Thank you for choosing MyUS and being such a loyal member.

Runner Up: MyUS - The Packaged Experience (South Africa)

This amazing second place video comes from Byron in South Africa. Byron, we loved your video (your dog is so cute), and we loved that your package was "glowing". Thank you for being a MyUS member for 5 years. We are jealous of your impressive DVD and shoe collection!

Congrats, Byron. As runner-up, you'll be receiving a $100 US Visa gift certificate!

Honorable Mentions: A Few of Our Other Favorite Videos

It was really difficult to vote on just one video. Every video touched us in a different way. Everyone did such a wonderful job and we are so grateful for our members! Here are some of our other favorite videos members submitted:

Grazie, MyUS! (Italy)

Claudio, thank you for your video from your beautiful home. Your view is breathtaking! Enjoy your purchases, and thank you for being a valued MyUS member!

MyUS Made Christmas Come Early! (United Kingdom)

Thank you Alexandra for your awesome video--we fell in love with your dog. Enjoy your new computer and thanks for choosing MyUS!

My Holiday Package from MyUS (Trinidad & Tobago)

Christopher, thank you for shipping with MyUS and thank you for this great video! Your children are adorable, and it was so much fun to see them unbox their MyUS shipment and get so excited! Happy holidays!

My Present to Myself (Saudi Arabia)

Fernando, thank you for your video! We have a few people at MyUS who have birthdays around this time too, and this video made us chuckle. Enjoy your tools and thank you so much for being a MyUS member!

Thank You to Everyone who Submitted Videos!

Thank you for taking the time to send us a video message and participate in the contest. Members from all over the world sent us in videos, including our friends from:

Details on How the Winning Videos Were Selected

All eligible entries receive during the submission period were reviewed by a MyUS panel and the top 5 were selected for an all-company vote. MyUS employees viewed the videos and each employee had the opportunity to vote for the one they enjoyed the most. 

The video with the most votes was declared the winner of the $300 Visa gift card. The second place runner-up received a $100 gift card. 

Thank you again to our wonderful members. We treasure these videos!


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