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Unique and Stylish Bracelets

Whether you need an accessory that stands out or a thoughtful gift for friends and family, you can’t go wrong with bracelets. They're fun, can be personalized to your individual taste, and one-size-fits-all! 

Check out these fun styles below, and ship them—and any other bracelets you find while perusing—worldwide without paying US sales taxes when you become a MyUS member.

Handmade Braided Friendship Bracelets Pack $12.99

A set of six Jeka Store Handmade Braided Friendship Bracelets that come in white, black, red, green, blue, orange, and tan colors

Why have one bracelet when you can switch between six with this Friendship Bracelets Pack? You’ll wear a new wristband wherever you go. Pair them with your favorite outfits or give them to your closest friends and family. 

My son really loved these. I gave him as a gift. In the end, instead of keeping all of them to himself, he shared one with each of the family members. It's great quality.” MB says.

Solar System Beads Bracelet $9.95

A Fesicory Store Solar System System Bracelet with the eight planets in the form of natural stone beads

Keep your solar system on your wrist at all times with this Bracelet from Fesicory Store. It features a creative design that’s perfect for space enthusiasts and accessory lovers. Choose between six styles for your favorite solar system theme and mix it up with your space-themed apparel. 

Purchased this for my daughter. She did pick it out after pouring over tons of bracelets. She liked the solar system represented by the bracelet. The quality seems very good, and I am satisfied with the bracelet.” C. Kanode states.  

Sea Friends Charm Bracelet $22.42

A stainless steel Shop LC Sea Friends Charm Bracelet with seashells, seahorse, fish, starfish, and pearl charms

If you love the ocean and sea creatures, then you’ll want to keep this Sea Friends Charm Bracelet on your wrist at all times. It features six stylish charms around a stainless steel chain that adds a fun look to any outfit. 

Very lightweight, East to put on. I receive compliments every time I wear it. It makes me think of the ocean!” Judy S. raves.

Frog Sac Glitter Bracelets $11.95

A stack of six Frogsac Frog Sac Glitter Bracelets that come in purple, green, blue, yellow, white, and pink colors

Whether you need last-minute party favors or a unique accessory, these Frog Sac Glitter Bracelets do not disappoint. They sport a trendy bubble bead design that’s soft and filled with tons of sparkle—great for kids! Also, the silicone constructions offer a snug and comfortable fit without sacrificing style. 

“Super cute in person as well as soft to wear around the wrist.” Gemma states.

Blossom Beaded Bracelet $8

A white Blossom Beaded Bracelet with red, orange, yellow, blue, teal, white, and purple flowers and a gold lobster clamp

Add a floral arrangement to your wrist with this Blossom Beaded Bracelet. The colorful flower beads provide a dazzling display on a clear and gold chain. The lobster clamp adds an extra layer of security for quick adjustments and a perfect fit. 

“I love how dainty and colorful this bracelet is!! It goes wonderfully with gold jewelry!” lbooth22 says in her five-star review.

Custom Name Bead Bracelet $13+

Two black and green BoujeeBeadsCo Custom Name Bead Bracelets with the name ‘Jalapeno’ in black beads

With this Custom Name Bracelet, you can personalize it to your liking. Add your name or a funny message to mix things up. It features a combination of gold beads, clay disc beads, and Heishi beads for a fun and colorful accessory. Get matching ones with your besties for special occasions and more! 

I had bracelets made for my two besties, and even though we’re 16 and 17,  we wear our beads every day! Highly recommend” Kate Goddard raves.

Silicon Stretch Dinosaur Bracelets $10.99

Four BluePanda Dinosaur Bracelets that come in blue, green, orange, and lime-green colors

Whether you’re obsessed with dinosaurs or need party favors, these Dinosaur Bracelets are fun for all ages. They feature a soft silicone construction that provides a comfortable and snug fit. All bracelets sport unique dinosaurs print such as Stegosaurus, Iguanadon, and Oviraptor. Wear them for museum days, school days, camping days, and beach days! 

They look just like the picture. Perfect for our dinosaur party!” Jazminne raves.

After you find the perfect bracelet from your favorite US stores, ship them to over 220+ countries with MyUS! 

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