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When to Shop for the Best Deals

With the USA’s best time of the year for sales and discounts quickly approaching, it has many wondering how to find the best deals online when there are so many! Luckily where there is a need, there is a company to fill it. Several websites such as, or are available that let you do comparison shopping all on one website.

However, not only is it good to know where to shop, it’s good to know when to shop for the items you need when shopping in the USA. Most retailers offer their sales on certain items at the same time each year, so planning accordingly will help save you in the long run when shipping to your home.

Here is your upcoming calendar guide for the next three months:

November Discounts

o Stereos, TVs and clothing – Always stay updated on the latest Black Friday offers on these items
o Wedding dresses – November is when boutiques like move out their inventory for new arrivals.

December Sale Items

o Toys and electronics – Great buys for the holiday gift-giving season
o Tip: Look for pre- and post-Christmas sales! Anything that didn’t sell prior to Christmas will be deeply reduced after December 25.

January Deals

o White sales – Linens, bedding and towels are offered at great savings
o HDTVs and select viewing electronics – With SuperBowl being a big draw in the USA, TVs go on sale just before the big game which is typically at the end of January.
o Fitness equipment – Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions has, at one point or another, involved starting a healthy lifestyle. Retailers help by putting this equipment on sale.


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