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Wonderful Desk Pads For Your Own Home Office

With more people transitioning from the workplace to home, it’s difficult to organize everything in a home office. Instead of tackling everything at once, why not start with the small things first? For instance, where are you going to put your desktop, phone, and other items vital to your work week? The answer is: desk pads. 

We assembled a variety of desk pads and blotters desk pads and blotters that integrate well into your work routine. Shipped right to your home office with MyUS worldwide shipping—and US sales-tax-free!

YSAGi Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad $16.99

Black Leather Dual-Sided Blotter Protector

Are you tired of your computer sliding all over the table? Say goodbye to that problem with the Dual-Side Multifunctional Desk Pad. Both sides of the mat are made with a fine and waterproof leather material that comes in a variety of colors. Also, this item is waterproof and oilproof to prevent spills, scratches, and stains on your desk. 

“Such a good desk mat, no need for a mouse pad! And protects your desk from scratches. I dropped a hard text book on top of the mat by accident, and the corner hit it, I thought I ruined it and created a dent, but it went back to how I was. So it’s really good!” says Melina in her online review.  

Dacasso Walnut Wood and Leather Desk Pad $149.99

Black leather desk pad with Walnut wood trim on sides

Feel like a boss with this Wood and Leather Desk Pad from Dacasso. Besides the genuine  leather material, there are Walnut side rails that prevent items from sliding off the entire mat. A great item for anyone that wants a sturdy and reliable desk pad. Don’t be intimidated by the price, be intimidated by the fact that a wonderful, hand-crafted desk pad exists in the first place.

“Perfect for my high end desk. Padded properly with good quality wood. Good value for the money, better than most others I have looked at.” says Peter in his positive review. 

Awnour Non-Slip Clear Desk Blotter and Mouse Pad $29.99

Desktop with computer screen, red lamp, keyboard and mouse atop mousepad and a clear desk pad

Get a simple blotter for your home office like the Awnour Clear Blotter. The desk pad is made out of a pvc material that’s flexible, protective, and rounded. You can put the pad over thin calendars, notes, and photos to personalize your desktop. It also includes a mouse pad with excellent anti-slip features. 

“I had an old desk pad that had become uneven. This pad is larger and laid flat right away. I can see the motivational notes I placed underneath clearly. It's a great addition to my old oak desk and makes working from home even better :)” says Cindy in her five-star review. 

BUBM Soft Leather Surface Office Desk Mat Pad $45.99

Grey non-slip desk mat with desk lip grip on a white table top

Secure a better fit on your work desk with BUBM’s Office Desk Mat. This particular blotter’s material consists of leather, hard pvc, plastic, and an anti-slip bottom. It includes a long arc-angle lip that wraps around desk edges for a more secure fit.

“I needed a mat to protect my large desk - especially the front edge, which was constantly being damaged and at risk of having the very thin laminate come off. This mat is wonderful leather quality, looks great and the font edge lip is exactly what I needed. Disagree with other reviews complaining about "dents" in the leather. If they occur at all from pushing down on it, they disappear on their own, or can be rubbed out very quickly. This is a very classy looking and functional desk mat. Love it!” says Aldente in their review. 

99Workspaces Multipurpose Office Corner Desk Pad $29.97

Bright yellow-orange L-shaped desk pad with computer, headphones, keyboard, and mouse


Looking for a unique desk pad to spruce up the home office? Look no further than this Multipurpose Office Corner Desk Pad. The distinct L-shaped design compliments desk corners and doesn’t take up space. Very functional and durable for your daily work routine in the office or at home. 

“This is exactly what we needed for our office. The counter top is cold (when the weather is cold outside) because the office is against an outside wall. The pad keeps the work area from being cold because the coldness doesn't transfer through the pad.” says Bonnie in her amazon review.  

It’s important that your workspace is not scratched, stained, and worn out by constant use. With these desk pads and blotters, you can create a fun and comfortable workspace in your home or your cubicle. So give them as a gift to yourself or for your work buddies. Remember, all of these items can be shipped worldwide from US stores with MyUS. If you are a member, you don’t have to worry about US sales taxes while shopping.

We always aim to bring our members the best shopping options available, but some of the products featured in this post may have purchase restrictions. To find more information, please visit the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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