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The 10 Most-Wanted Gifts of 2016

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The Gifts Kids and Adults Really Want this Holiday

Cozmo Robot for Kids ($179.99)

Cozmo is the next-gen toy for any kid (or kid-at-heart). Who doesn’t want a robot that has a life and personality of its own? Your kids will essentially have a brand new pet without all the clean-up. Buy it here.

3Doodler 3D Pen for Kids ($49.95)

3D printing is all the rage. A standard 3D printer could cost you $7,000. Not exactly something you want to buy your child. That’s why this 3D printing pen is so great. It’s relatively inexpensive and your kids will have a ball. Buy it here.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon ($59)

Who hasn’t wanted a pet dragon? With this interactive toy, kids can have their own dragon. It responds to your child's touch with 50+ sound and motion combinations. Hours and hours of fun. Buy it here.

Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Playset ($49.88)

Maybe your kid is looking for something a little more realistic, but you can't adopt an actual puppy at the moment. Problem solved. This dog actually breathes and moves its head, plus your child will get his or her own adoption certificate with each pup. Buy it here.

Trolls Hug Time Poppy ($49.99)

Dreamworks Trolls comes out this holiday season and your kids are probably hyped to see it already. With Justin Timberlake’s new song and Anna Kendrick’s internet fame, they’ll be asking for this in no time - now you can get it before they ask. Buy it here.

Google Home ($129)

It’s like a personal assistant for your home. Ask it questions, tell it to play music, turn on lights, change the temp and more. Buy it here.

Xbox One S ($399 -- some are cheaper/more expensive depending on which one you want)

Every time a new Xbox comes out it’s a must have on most teenage boys (and many adults) wish lists. You’ll be the cool mom once again when they - and their friends - see what you got them. Buy it here.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition ($59.99)

Rejoice! Nintendo is releasing a brand new gaming system…or is it? They’re bringing back an original classic loaded with some of their most popular games. Everyone’s favorite gaming console is sure to be on every 80s and 90s kid’s list. Buy it here (after 11/11).

Hatchimals ($59.99)

Kids get to hatch their own toy. How it works: Kids play and nurture the egg. The animal inside responds, making cute noises. After a while, the animal literally "hatches" out of it's egg by pecking its way out of the shell like a live bird does. The child gets one of two animals, so it's always a surprise of who is inside! Buy it here.

Urban Decay Naked Vault III ($300)

This is the dream collection. It’s the perfect culmination of some of the best beauty products on the market. Any fan of a solid “smoky eye” longs to have this. Buy it here.


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