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18 Cool Cell Phone Cases for 2018

With so many cell phone cases on the market, there’s no reason to use a case that you don’t really love. We’ve rounded up our top 18 cell phone cases for 2018, and there’s something for every mood, use, and personal style. Even better, with a MyUS membership, every case below can be purchased from US websites without paying US sales tax and shipped in as little as 2-4 days!

18. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPhone 8 Plus & 7 Plus  $31

iPhone 8 plus black otterbox case

Tough on your phone? You can’t beat the all over protection of the Defender from Otterbox. Buy it here.

17. Universal Waterproof Case $9

iPhone inside waterproof case in water

No matter what kind of phone or case you normally use, the Universal Waterproof Case is a must if you’ll be anywhere near water, sand, or anything else that could damage your phone. This case is IPX8 Certified, making it fully submersible and waterproof, fits phones under 6 inches, and can also hold cash, credit cards, keys, and other small items. Buy it here.

16. Gear Beast iPhone 6 / 6s Wallet Case $15

iPhone and black iPhone case with card holders

Keep your cash and cards with your phone! This cover has 4 credit card slot holders, along with a place to keep your cash and ID, but still has a slim design to it’s not heavy or bulky. Buy it here.

15. Caseology Geometric Cover for Google Pixel XL $17

Black textured phone case for Google Pixel XL

Have a Google Pixel? This protective shock-absorbing case has a slim design and textured cover with 3D geometric design for enhanced grip and a great look. Buy it here.

14. Anti-Gravity Case iPhone 7/6S/6 $30

Two girls taking selfie on iPhone

Give your iPhone Spidey power with this anti-gravity iPhone case! Using nano-suction, it can stick to just about any flat, non-porous surface! Buy it here.

13. Don’t Quit Your Daydream Phone Case $39

Painted phone case for iPhone

This case is available for almost every cell phone, and it’s inspirational message can help keep your dreams in sight. Buy it here.

12. Presidio Mount iPhone Cases 8/7/6S $45

Black iPhone case with virtual mount

This case has two layers of drop protection and has magnets designed for magnetic phone mounts - awesome! Buy it here.

11. Super Thin Galaxy S8 Case from Peel $25

Hand holding purple Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and thin case

Designed to keep the original look of your Samsung phone while still protecting it, Peel is the original and best super thin case for your Galaxy S8/S8+. Buy it here.

10. Silk iPhone X Wallet Case $24

iPhone X wallet case with card in pocket

Have an iPhone X? Ditch your wallet and stash your cards in your phone case instead! Buy it here.

9. Ted Baker SS17 Folio Style Case for Apple iPhone 8/7 $36

Floral iPhone 8/7 case

Want a case that protects and looks gorgeous at the same time? This magnetically secured folio case from designer Ted Baker is beautifully designed, and flips open to display a handy mirror. Buy it here.

8. Presidio Clear + Glitter Cases $33

Gold Glitter case on Samsung Galaxy phone

Love the look of a clear case, but not the annoying yellowing that usually comes with it? Speck’s clear and glitter cases are made of a special material that resists yellowing, and still has the drop-tested protection of a Speck case. Buy it here.

7. Wooden Inlay Case from Carved $39

Mountains painted on wood iPhone case

Looking for something unique? Carved makes all natural, real wooden phone covers by hand in Elkhart, Indiana. Our current favorite is this beautiful mountain scene! Buy it here.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note8 LED View Wallet Case $39

Black wallet case on Samsung Galaxy Note8

This case has an inside pocket like many other cases, but it has a truly unique feature - when you press the power button, the front cover LED lights will display things like the time, alarms, and also incoming calls, allowing you to swipe to answer or reject those calls! Buy it here.

5. Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon Case $30

Black and Yellow Neo hybrid carbon case on iPhone

Available for a wide variety of cell phones, the Neo Hybrid Carbon case from Spigen sports a carbon fiber texture for the ultimate style while offering dual bumper protection with a thicker PC frame for reinforced durability at the cutouts. Buy it here.

4. iPhone X Waterproof Case $20

iPhone X inside clear waterproof case

Waterproof and submersible to over 10 feet for an hour, this case will protect your expensive iPhone X from water, rain, and regular use without blocking the wireless charging signal or touch ID function. Buy it here.

3. Don't Open Dead Inside Phone Case $15

Walking Dead phone case on Iphone

Walking Dead fans will love this phone case available for iPhone, iPod & Samsung cell phone models. Buy it here.

2. Running Armband with Fingerprint ID Access $15

iPhone plus in armband case

Designed for the iPhone Plus, this armband includes fingerprint access and is resistant to sweat and water - perfect for workouts! Buy it here.

1. Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Case $34

Black battery case on Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

Charge your phone on the go with this charging case that can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life, the equivalent to add 27 hours talk time or 17 hours web browsing time! Buy it here.

We enjoy helping our members find the best products and shopping options available, but some of the cell phone cases featured above could have purchase restrictions, or may not take every form of payment. Find more information by viewing merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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