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International Shoppers: You Don't Have to Pay U.S. Sales Tax! (Save 7% on Everything You Buy from the USA!)

How International Shoppers Can Avoid Paying U.S. Sales Tax

When you get your own MyUS shipping address, you save 7% on every item you buy and ship from the USA. How does it work? MyUS has it's very own tax-free ZIP code it arranged with the U.S. government. You just use your MyUS shipping address with the ZIP code at checkout, and the stores automatically remove the 7% U.S. sales tax! 

You heard that right - just use your MyUS shipping address and 7% U.S. sales tax will be removed from your purchase!

See How Much You Will Save!

Note: Item prices may change, but are current as of Jan 17, 2018.

Ready to Shop Tax-Free? Our Members Love these U.S. Stores...

Important Notes: It's up to each store to honor our tax-free ZIP code. Some stores haven't updated their address technology on their website, so there may be some exceptions.


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