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Family Game Night

If your family’s game night is stuck in a rut, shake things up with something new! 

From board games and card games to interactive video games, we’ve rounded up the best family friendly games below, and they can all be purchased and shipped worldwide with MyUS!

Spot It! $9.99

Spot It! family fun game in round tin inside a yellow and purple box

Spot It! is an award-winning game of visual perception that the whole family can enjoy. It's a cinch to learn, a fast game to play, and irresistibly fun for all ages. As a bonus, it helps develop focus, visual perception skills, and fine motor skills along the way. Includes 55 cards and illustrated rules in a durable tin perfect for travel.

"Spot It is a great little game to throw into a carry on bag when traveling or to bring along to kill time before the food arrives at a restaurant. The game is deceptively simple but it is entertaining for adults as well as kids since the game changes every time." says ECD in their five-star product review. 

Double Ditto Family Party Board Game $29.95

Double Ditto Family Party Board Game, including yellow and blue playing cards, a 15 second timer and instructions

Developed by Inspiration Play and declared 2016 Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, Double Ditto is a fun and clever game that challenges players to be quick as they write down answers they think other players will write. Fast-paced and filled with hilarious surprises, it's the perfect game for 4 to 10 players, age 10 and up. 

"We love, LOVE this game. I like that it’s so simple to play yet provides a ton of fun for all ages. Right out of the box, you’re ready to play in 3 minutes or less. Another greet feature is that you can play for as long...or as you’d like. Nothing kills a game night quicker than a game that goes on forever. Our 4-year-old plays all the way up to adults and it’s a riot for everyone. Great game—two thumbs way up!!" says m&a5K in their glowing product review. 

Qwirkle Board Game $24.95

Qwirkle Board Game box showing black plating pieces with colorful symbols

Simple to learn, yet strategic and exciting to play, Qwirkle is a family game night favorite for all ages. To play, simply build lines of tiles that are all the same color or shape, with no duplicates, and score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes. Match all 6 attributes to create a Qwirkle! Most games last about 45 minutes and keep kids engaged until the last tiles have been played. 

"We love this game because it is so much fun! For a family of 4, this game takes us about 45 minutes to play. This game is a hit for all ages, grown ups and children. We started playing this game for Family Board Game night with a 3 year old and a 6 year old. Since there is no reading, it is a great game for adults to play with young children." says Mother in her five-star review. 

Monopoly: Disney Frozen 2 Edition Board Game $19.99

Monopoly Disney Frozen 2 Edition Board Game, money, playing pieces, and box

Introduce Monopoly, the classic board game loved by millions, to a whole new generation with Monopoly's Disney Frozen 2 Edition. It has all the classic elements of Monopoly and celebrates Anna and Elsa's journeys through Arendelle and beyond with an icy twist. When players land on a snowflake space or draw a certain chance card, they can place the snowflake token on any scene they own to double the rent!

"Just buy it🎉 This is such a beautiful fun game, perfect for my little Frozen Fan. She’s 4 and can play it with minimal help." says Caresalot in their five-star review.

Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch $49.95

Cover of Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch featuring Mario and Luigi

Have a Nintendo Switch? The whole family will love Super Mario Maker 2. It's the sequel to the Super Mario Maker game and has over 100 built-in courses for nearly limitless play. Play solo, multiplayer, or online to play with family members across the globe. 

"The whole family is loving this game. It's been valuable for teaching my daughter lots of different concepts as well. We used it to show her cause and effect, the value of planning things out, testing and tweaking ideas, how to edit ideas that aren't working, all sorts of things. We're having fun and learning!" says a satisfied Amazon customer. 

Bananagrams $14.99

Bananagrams banana-shaped case and several game pieces

Want a fun (and secretly educational) game that's easy to bring just about anywhere, and can be played with young kids, teens, and adults? Bananagrams should be first on your list. Grade-school kids, teenagers, and adults alike are drawn in and have a ball while stretching their vocabulary! 

"We had 10 year olds and 50 year olds at the same table and everyone had a lot of fun." says Minion in their five-star review. 

Exploding Kittens Card Game $20

Red cover of Exploding Kittens Card Game showing a cat with crazy eyes

Highly strategic, Exploding Kittens is a kitty-powered version of Russian roulette that's hilariously fun for ages 7 and up. This game is the perfect holiday gift for adults looking for a fun board game to play with the kids. 

"I got this for my teenage daughter, and it was both well-received and well-played! This is a quirky, funny and flexible game that beats the hell out of any electronic caca you might be considering as a gift. This little card game provides actual interaction in a light and funny way, plus allows - indeed encourages- a high amount of silly randomness in the way its played." says K. Jensen in their five-star review. 

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